Easy Braids 3 Strand Hair Braider Review

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This week Sylvia and I have been testing out Easy Braids a kids product that effortlessly braids your hair. We have never braided Sylvia’s hair before so were excited to try this new hair tool out and see what happens.

The easy braids toy is super easy to use. First of all you need to brush your hair to make sure there are no knots.

Next you use the hair seperator to split the hair into 3 equal sections.

The hair is then  hooked under the hooks and pulled through the holes within the braiding tool.

I did find this a little tricky on the very first attempt but then it was easy and effortless and we were able to make braids super fast.

The tool braids the hair at a good speed and so you need to keep the tool quite straight. The Easy range also include other products for kids to use such as Easy Nails. I like this hair braider and Sylvia found it fun to style her hair differently.

The Easy Braids set comes with stylish embellishments including ribbons, hair clips, and little ties. These are colourful and bright and allow you to style your hair in anyway you please. Sylvia really had fun testing this device out with Mummy. It was quite simple to use and a good fun product.

The Easy Braids product retails for £19.99 and offers children the opportunity to style their hair like a real stylist but in their own home.

We enjoyed using this braiding tool and Sylvia looks forward to using it with her friend who is coming over to play this week. We do enjoy having braids.

If you want to learn more about hair braiding or you are wondering what is the best hair for box braids then you may want to read a guide about box braids. We enjoy having our hair braided and this was a fun activity for us to test out. 

NiaWigs bulk hair for braiding are made of 100% human hair. Are you a fan of braids? Made of 100% human hair that is soft and smooth, NiaWigs bulk human hair for braiding allows you to do any braided styles effortlessly.

Bulk human hair for braiding can be braided into your own hair to get gorgeous braids such as box braids, braided ponytails, lemonade braids, cornrow braids, crochet braids, jumbo box braids, goddess braids and feed-in braids. Human hair bulk can also be used for making your own wefts or wigs, and can be dyed, permed and straightened.

Angela x

*We were sent this product for the purpose of review.

See! Even Mummy Braids her hair!

getting our hair braided with pretty little thing

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    1. It is cool. I am not so bad at braids but I wish i could do a french plait. I wonder if there is a device for that?

  1. Stacey wanted something like this when she was younger, but I refused to get it as I was sure it wouldn’t work like it does on the adverts! I feel a bit guilty now as I was clearly very presumptuous. Sylvia’s hair looks fab!

    Louise x

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