7 Easter Gifts for Adults Who Are Young at Heart

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Who said Easter was just for kids? With a seemingly endless amount of toy bunnies and chocolate eggs to choose from, it’s often easier to focus on the little ones when it comes to buying presents. There are plenty of awesome Easter gifts for adults, too – especially if they love Easter!

Whether you’re looking for an office-related gift for a work colleague, or something for the home for friends and family, there’s plenty to choose from – from liqueur to Easter-themed tech goodies and beyond. Without further ado, here are 7 Easter-inspired gifts for adults who are young at heart. 

Easter Gifts For Adults
Celebration of Easter time with daughter

#1 Easter Egg-Shaped Bath Bombs

For the Easter lover who also enjoys a bit of self-care, an Easter egg-shaped bath bomb is the perfect gift. Once all the excitement of the day has passed, they’ll be able to wind down and have some ‘me’ time whilst enjoying their most festive bath yet. No-one can deny the relaxing appeal of a bath bomb, and if you like this idea, you could pair it with some bunny-shaped soap or an Easter candle for ultimate pampering times.  

#2 Easter Liqueur or Chocolate Wine

If you want to get the Easter party started, what about something festive to drink? You can pick up an Easter liqueur packaged in a bunny-shaped glass bottle – choose between chocolate mint or even Turkish delight-flavoured liqueur. If liqueur isn’t their thing, what about some chocolate-flavoured wine? It might sound like an unlikely combination, but I promise it’s a match made in heaven – and the perfect thing for a boozy after-lunch treat. You’re sure to be everyone’s favourite guest. 

#3 Fancy Chocolate

Don’t discount the most quintessential Easter gift of all. Of course, it doesn’t have to be in the shape of an egg or a bunny (but also, why not?). Pick up some delicious Lindt chocolate or perhaps something more artisan, like handcrafted speckled eggs filled with silky ganache. The options are endless – and adults enjoy chocolate just as much as kids (even if they pretend not to). Some fancy Easter chocolate is sure to bring the festive spirit.  

#4 Easter Decorations for Their House

If they’re someone who loves decorating for Easter, get them something that’s going to make their house shine. This could be an Easter egg wreath they can place on their front door, or decorative painted eggs for hanging around their house. If you enjoy getting crafty, there are plenty of online tutorials – from wreath making to egg painting – for creating these decorations yourself, and the end result is sure to be bursting with handmade charm. 

#5 Something for the dining table  

If they’ve put their hand up to host Easter lunch this year, perhaps you could get them something to make their dining table pop. Some ideas could be a designer platter, a cake stand crafted from bone china, or a pretty floral candle holder. Another great option is Easter-themed napkins or a matching tablecloth and placemat set – choose a striped or gingham pattern to set the Easter mood. If they’re someone who loves to get their hands dirty in the kitchen, a bunny-shaped cookie cutter or baking tin is also a great way to bring some festive sparkle to Easter lunch. 

#6 an Easter-Themed Phone or AirPods Case

Looking for the perfect Easter gift for someone who loves tech? Grab an Easter-themed case for their phone or AirPods. There are plenty of pretty floral cases that capture the Easter spirit of joy and renewal, or you can go all out with an Easter bunny design. A case will last a lot longer than chocolate, and everytime they pull out their phone, they’ll be reminded of all their great Easter memories. 

#7 a Piece of Easter-Themed Clothing

There’s no shortage of bunny-eared beanies or little carrot-patterned onesies out there, but there’s also a whole lot of Easter-themed clothing for grown-ups – and it can actually make for a really cute and humorous gift. Whether it’s a tie, socks or a set of pyjamas, you can find plenty of well-designed adult clothing decorated with bunnies, carrots or baby chickens. No matter if you’re having an Easter party at the office or celebrating at home with the family, a flamboyant bunnie tie is sure to be a conversation starter and won’t fail to get a few laughs. 

Of course, if you like more than one of these ideas, why not combine a few and make an adult Easter goodies basket? Fill it with chocolate, wine, self-care bits and pieces or tech goodies and it will go down a treat. If you don’t have time to put one together yourself, you can also find plenty of beautiful pre-arranged goodie baskets online.

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