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The Dumbo Disneyland Ride In Paris

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The very first ride I ever took my daughter on at Dinseyland Paris was Dumbo the flying elephant. I love the Dumbo Dinseyland ride. It’s found in Fantasyland and is great for little children. Sylvia and I went on this ride together when she was only four.

Dumbo Disneyland Ride

While preparing to return to Disneyland 5 years later, Sylvia recalled going on the Dumbo ride and was excited to go on it again. In fact she said it was the one ride she wanted to go on the most.

Dumbo Disneyland Ride

And so we went on the Dumbo ride, not once, not twice but three times. It’s a run ride which goes clockwise and can be move up and down. Sylvia really enjoyed this and just wanted to go as high as we could go.

Dumbo Disneyland Ride

Usually the queue for Dumbo is around 30 to 40 minutes but there are quite times and people can use a fast pass. It’s really quiet during the parade and first thing in the morning.

Dumbo Disneyland Ride

I loved being well enough to ride the Dumbo Disneyland ride with Sylvia. We had fun and it was a nice bonding moment for us.

Dumbo Disneyland Ride

These are precious memories. Kids grow up so fast and I don’t have a clue when or if we will go back to Disneyland. I’d like to hope we will go again and hopefully before Sylvia is too old to enjoy the kids rides because she truly loves this one!

Dumbo Disneyland Ride

But..she loves me more…and I love her even more! The Dumbo ride was fun and I am glad my husband took some lovely photos to remember this moment.

Angela x

Dumbo Disneyland Ride


  1. This sounds like such a fun ride! My son would love to go on this. We have never made it to any Disney Park, but the older he gets, the more I realize it is like a rite of passage for kids. It looks like such a great time for the family.

  2. Looks like such a fun time! I have never been to Disneyland, believe it or not! My kids have never been there either, when they were growing up there never was time when all three of them had time off from sports!

  3. It warms my heart to see photos like these. It makes me miss the time when my kids were still little. I am glad that you got to do the same activity as you did several years ago. That was awesome!

  4. Oh, you two are so cute and so sweet to each other. Yeah, these are the golden times to spend with your (not so little anymore girl). I love the photos.

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