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Driving with a Medical Disability or Chronic Illness

Living with a medical disability or a chronic illness such as Adrenal Insufficiency creates many obstacles in daily life, but one which is particularly prominent is transportation. Everybody needs to get out and about to lead their daily lives whether it is shopping, socialising or for work, but this poses a problem for those with certain disabilities or illnesses. Not everybody has a carer that they can rely on to transport them, whilst the public transportation system is not up to the required standard and can be expensive. When I was in a wheelchair it was extreemly difficult to get out to the supermarket, to hospital appointments and to the local doctors. I often had to rely on taxi’s . For my family getting a Motability car a game changer. 


If you, or the person that you are caring for, requires the usage of a wheelchair, there is one excellent solution available. This is a wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV), which is an adapted automobile that enables a wheelchair user to safely and comfortably ride in a vehicle with their wheelchair. In many cases, the user can drive the car too. These are available from specialists like Allied Mobility and there are many different types to consider, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs.

Adapted Cars

Another option for those with a disability or chronic illness is to drive an adapted vehicle. There have been many terrific advances in adaptations in recent times, so now there are automobiles that can be made much easier to drive for those with certain conditions. A few examples include a joystick for steering, hand controls for braking/accelerating, left foot accelerators etc. If the individual does not have a license, they can learn to drive in one of these adapted automobiles and then take their test – this is the same test that everybody else takes. Upon passing, they will be licensed to operate one of these automobiles (and no other type).


If you receive mobility allowance for your disability or allowance, you may be able to exchange this for a lease on a car, scooter or powered wheelchair. This is the Motability Scheme and a fantastic tool to help those with mobility issues to lead their daily lives. There are many different vehicles available on this scheme, including both wheelchair accessible vehicles and adapted automobiles.


Transportation can be a major issue for those with medical disabilities and chronic illnesses, but it is important that a solution is found so that they can enjoy independence and lead their daily lives with ease. Fortunately, adapted automobiles can make driving easy and safe for those with a wide range of conditions and the Motability Scheme can make this affordable too.

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