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Drinking Hot Chocolate at Buckingham Palace

buckingham palace

Drinking hot Chocolate At Buckingham Palace


Buckingham Palace - From outside the Palace
Buckingham Palace – From outside the Palace

Last week my family had the opportunity to visit the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace. This was a wonderful experience and we had a marvellous time! Unfortunately due to Palace rules we were not allowed to take photos whilst inside so I hope my descriptions can paint a picture of what it was like and hope you enjoy our photos outside the palace and in the gardens.

Out side the left gate - Buckingham Palace
Out side the left gate – Buckingham Palace

We began our visit at the North Centre Gate at the front of the Palace. We had to speak to the Police officer and let him know who were were. The Warden at the gate checked we were on the list and we then took a ride on a ride along gold style buggy. My daughter loved the ride, as did I. We drove right past the Guard who was standing at the front of the Palace.

On the Golf Cart - Buckingham Palace
On the Golf Cart – Buckingham Palace

I have to be honest, we felt like royalty ourselves with hundreds of people standing on the outside of the gates watching us. My daughter waved to everyone as we drove away and repeated,”I’m a princess, I’m a princess”. It was quite cute and made me giggle. It did make us feel rather important for a moment.

We arrived at the quad entrance to the state rooms and after undergoing some security checks we got to stand next to Queen Elizabeth’s beautiful carriage which was absolutely gorgeous. We were given special access badges to wear around our necks and this again made Sylvia feel very special.

We then entered the State rooms, we took the most grandest of tours. The Palace has a grand staircase, the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. We did not climb the stairs, we went through a special door and used a lift (as I was in my wheelchair). We went through a side door and entered into the tapestry room to begin our tour.

The term ‘State Rooms’ refers to the public rooms of Buckingham Palace which the monarch uses to receive, reward and entertain subjects and visiting dignitaries. The rooms are grand and beautiful. The Architect John Nash was commissioned during the reign of George IV to transform Buckingham House into a Grand Palace and he did just that.

The State rooms are furnished with many of the greatest treasures of the Royal Collection and it was a wonderful experience to view wonderful works of art by Van Dyck and Canaletto.

I really enjoyed seeing the Marble Hall. This was a long hallway full of art works and sculptures including the Mars and Venus sculptures which were commissioned by King George the VI (whilst he was prince) in 1815.

Three rooms which I particularly likes were the Green, Blue and White rooms. Each room had grand architecture and designs with beautiful chandeliers. unique pieces of porcelain and some of the most elegant pieces of furniture I’ve ever seen. If your know me well, you’ll know how much I love chandeliers. It was fascinating to see and learn about the way the chandeliers are cleaned and how the candles were maintained before the chandeliers became electric during the reign of Queen Victoria.

My Husband really loved the Throne Room, as did I. This was a beautiful elegant room of Red and Gold. In the Throne Room, the Queen or senior member of the Royal family receive those who have been nominated for honours. Whilst in the Throne room, we were able to view, all the different medals that Royal Subjects are able to receive. We also saw the sword used to knight men. The Throne room is the room that was used for the formal Wedding Photographs of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate and Prince William.

My daughter really loved the State Dining Room for hosting State Banquets. This is a huge room where the Queen sits at the head of the tables enabling her to see all her guests. The room was beautifully laden with table wear and cutlery for a truly magnificent occasion. My daughter and I went and stood at the point where the Queen would sit to see get a vision of the view the Queen would have.

There was so much beauty, finery and elegance throughout the Buckingham Palace State Rooms that it really is hard to choose a favourite area, a piece of art or treasure, however what I think I enjoyed the most was learning about what goes on “behind-the-scenes” to create the magnificence of a state visit.

I was able to view three dresses which had been designed for the queen on several different occasions. They were beautiful and stunning. I loved being able to see the Queen’s Jewels on display in a cabinet, I loved the diamond earrings, a beautiful real diamond Tiara and diamond necklace. They were stunning and the biggest diamonds I’ve ever seen.

The one thing I learned about the Queen is that she likes to re-wear the same outfit more than once. It may not be in the same year but one or two years apart she will reuse the same outfit. I noticed whilst looking at pictures of the Queen that she wore the same shoes one year apart I asked about this and was told that the Queen does have a favourite. Just like me! I have a favourite pari of shoes too!

The coolest thing I saw in the Palace was a huge secret door that enables Royals to enter the White Drawing Room from private quarters. This is the room that royals will assemble together before meeting with dignitaries or subjects. All in all we had a wonderful visit and we surely did receive our own Royal Welcome.

At the end of the tour we went into the Royal Gardens and had some photos taken on the garden steps.

Sylvia and Mummy on the stairs
Sylvia and Mummy on the stairs
Sylvia in Buckingham Palace Garden
Sylvia in Buckingham Palace Garden

We then went to the Cafe in Buckingham Palace Gardens and had a Hot Chocolate. Now we can say we had hot Chocolate at Buckingham Palace?

Sylvia in Buckingham Palace Garden
Sylvia in Buckingham Palace Garden
Mummy And Sylvia
Mummy And Sylvia
Mummy and Sylvia pulling Faces
Mummy and Sylvia pulling Faces

Sylvia enjoyed practicing her curtsy for the Queen and We I simply had to share these pictures on the post.

curtsy for the queen - 1
curtsy for the queen – 1
curtsy for the queen - 2
curtsy for the queen – 2
curtsy for the queen - 3
curtsy for the queen – 3
curtsy for the queen - 4
curtsy for the queen – 4

Here are some pictures from the outside of Buckingham Palace


Cuddles outside Buckingham Palace

I’d like to say a big thank you to The Royal Collection Trust for giving us the opportunity to visit Buckingham Palace. We had a great time.


This is a Featured Article and we were given Free Access to Buckingham Palace



  1. What wonderful memories for you all to treasure forever. It looks like you all had an amazing day and the Palace really does sound amazing. And yes not everyone can say they have had a hot chocolate in Buckingham Palace x

    1. Yes. We really had fun and having hot chocolate in the Palace Garden’s was fab! In fact I am thinking of changing my title to Drinking Hot chocolate at Buckingham Palace. angela xx

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