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I was recently commissioned by Fishpools to give my thoughts on creating a relaxing garden environment.

Last week my daughter’s garden swing broke. The wooden frame snapped in half and we had to take it to the dump. Spring is here and we now have a huge space in the garden. This got me thinking about  garden improvements, what we can potentially do to create a relaxing garden environment to enjoy over the Summer months. 

Our garden is currently covered in dandelions. It happens every April and it’s time for my hubby to get the lawn mower and gardening tools out. I’d love John to create a patio area out the back. A family dining area in the garden would be perfect for outdoor bbq’s and a great way to get more sunshine and vitamin D. 

We already have a lovely BBQ set and it would be fantastic to purchase a garden dining set to allow us to eat outdoors as a family during the Summer months. There is a fantastic range of garden furniture options at Fishpools and I’d love to get a round dining table with comfy chairs and a great big parasol. That would be fantastic. Just imagine! 

Another item I’d love for the garden one day would be a huge garden day bed! As someone with chronic illness, I do spend most of my time at home and having the option to rest outside in the sunshine would be fantastic. 

We currently set a blanket on the grass to chill in Summer but a garden day bed or sun lounger would be fantastic. I could just chill in the sunshine with Yoda and Casper our dogs and work from the comfort of the day bed. 


My daughter Sylvia has a nice trampoline in the garden and often asks me to come and watch her shows. It would be great to be able to spend time as a family in the garden watching my daughter play and soaking up the sun. 

Another thing I’d love to do in the garden is plant flower. I think it would be fantastic to get into the garden with my daughter and create a flower bed. We could also grow some vegetables and make garden markers, that would be fun! 

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I’m really looking forward to the Summer months and super excited to make some improvements to our Garden. It will be great to add a little luxury to our outdoor living area and I’m excited to get started in time for the Summer Holidays.

*This is a commissioned post and advert but all thoughts and opinions are my own*