How Elective Resident Visa Sets You up for a Dream Retirement in Italy

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Italy is an ideal destination for retiring overseas because it offers the best of everything. You can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, blend with friendly people, and access excellent healthcare facilities in this incredible country. It ensures safety and ease for retirees looking for the best during their golden years.

Easy immigration is another factor making Italy a dream destination for retirees. You can get in with the elective residence visa route that enables foreign nationals to start afresh. The best part is that you can get qualified assistance from Bersani Law Firm for the entire process, so you need not worry about managing it yourself.

Let us explain how this immigration alternative sets you up for a dream retirement in Italy.


An affordable option for retirees

The elective residence visa lets you stay in Italy for the long haul without spending a fortune. It is an affordable alternative to the golden visa that requires you to invest a hefty sum in the country. Eligibility is easy as you only need to have sufficient funds to provide for yourself during your stay in Italy.

However, the money should come from passive income streams such as pensions, investments, and savings. You cannot work or run a business in Italy for a regular income source.

But you can still access residence benefits such as free registration with National Health Care and public education for your children. Moreover, it also sets you up for Italian citizenship eventually. 

Easy requirements 

Another good reason to explore the Elective Residency Visa option is it has an easy set of requirements to fulfill. Primarily, you have to provide proof of adequate income to sustain yourself and your dependents in the country. A minimum of € 32,000 per year from passive sources makes you eligible.

A 20% increase goes for every dependent accompanying you to Italy. Besides coming from passive sources, the income should be continuous and stable.

You must also have proof of lodging in the form of a purchase, rental, or lease (not a hotel booking). Further, you will need proof of private health insurance to cover you until you are a resident.

Documentary requirements include a valid passport, marriage or birth certificates where applicable, and police clearances. 

A simple process

The Elective Residency Visa entails a simple process, so you need not stress a lot about completing endless immigration formalities.

The best part is that you need not travel to Italy for the process, but can apply at your local Italian consulate.

After establishing your eligibility and completing the paperwork, you can book a consulate appointment.

Prepare for the visa interview with a complete and correct long-stay visa application form. You will have to wait for the processing time, but it is often bearable. It is advisable to collaborate with visa experts as they can check your paperwork and ensure the completion of the process without complexities and delays. 

Remember to be ready for post-approval formalities after landing in Italy with your elective residence visa. You will have to apply for an Italian residence permit for a legal stay and access to residence benefits. Complete the process to stay life afresh in your golden years. 

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