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My Dream Luxury Watch And Handbag

Bleu-Saphir-Swift-Leather-Constance-18 (1)

My Dream Luxury Watch And Handbag

As a child I was a real tom boy. I grew up loving cars and bikes. I had my own BMX and spent hours climbing hills and trees, walking through the woods and playing on the street. Now I’m a lot older and and all grown up, I’ve become more feminine. It wasn’t planned but I guess over time I have come to love pretty chic and beautiful things.

My tastes have changed over the years and although I haven’t ever had an expensive luxury item, I do know what I like and can easily say what I would or would not buy, if I had the money. So today I thought I’d share with you my dream luxury watch and handbag.

My dream watch would have to have a rectangle head with a Mother of Pearl dial and simple chain links. I’ve looked around the internet and found a dream watch. My dream luxury watch is the Baum and Mercier Hampton Ladies MOA10051. This is a absolutely gorgeous piece and I especially love the background and the Sapphire Crystal glass.

This designer watch is stunning and costs quite a bit, however being the bargain hunter I am, I spotted this watch on the XUPES website, a site that sells high end luxury preowned watches. I think this Hampton Ladies watch is beautiful in design and look.

003_Hampton-22Mm-Stainless-Steel-MOA10051 (1)

When it comes to handbags I can be just as fussy. There are so many styles I don’t like. I know what works for me and what doesn’t. My dream luxury handbag would have to be  Hermes Bleu Saphir Swift Leather Constance 18 2015.

This bag is a stunner and retails at £8,999 It’s the dream luxury bag to me. I love the colour, the style and blue Swift Leather. It’s absolutely amazing. Again, luxury bags can be bought second hand and although this is just a wish list for the purposes of my post, if I ever did buy a luxury handbag, I would for sure look at the second hand options available online.

Bleu-Saphir-Swift-Leather-Constance-18 (1)


I love the look and the bold nature of this bag. It is very simple yet elegant and a dream bag for any lady. i think when it comes to bags, watches and jewellery, I like squares and rectangles rather than round shaped products. I have a certain style I prefer. I’m not sure why but I just do.

What style do you go for when it comes to a handbag and watch?

Angela x


*This is a Collaborative Post



  1. That bag is gorgeous! I have so many bags but none are designer (unless Radley counts?) as I just can’t justify spending that much money on one. I love plain and simple watches, I have a black one at the moment from Casio that was really cheap.

  2. I am not much of a watch person. I always have my phone with me or I am by a computer so I dotn see the need for one. As far as handbags… It depends. On the spring I prefer bright colors. I have never been too picky on them because I get so bored so quickly.

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