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Down In The Dumps? Could Your Home Make You happier? Collaboration

If you’re starting to feel down lately, you’re far from alone. Even though governments around the world are discussing tentative exit strategies and easing lockdown measures, there are many of us who still feel far from elated. After all, many of us have lost jobs and income. Worse still, an unfortunate few have lost family members and friends. Even those of us lucky enough to have avoided contact with the ravages of the coronavirus itself may still be feeling down in the dumps. Self-quarantine can take a toll on even the strongest of wills. It can make us feel imprisoned within a home we used to love. Cabin fever can make us ill-tempered and irritable around the people we love the most. 

Although we’re able to spend a little more time outdoors now, we still need to learn to fall back in love with our homes. Here are some ways in which our homes could make us happier…

Surround yourself with natural things

Synthetic materials like plastics and manmade fibers are cheap and versatile. However, the way in which they look and feel is inherently unnatural, and our unconscious minds register it, even if our conscious minds don’t. As such, natural materials are infinitely more pleasing to the eye and can make our homes feel more restful. They’re also hardwearing and extremely versatile. Just take a look at these Limestone Tiles, for instance. Not to mention the versatility and longevity of hardwood and bamboo. Swapping out synthetic throws for cotton or wool and filling the home with houseplants and homemade crafts with repurposed wood can also be a great boon for your mental and emotional health. 

Embrace minimalism and reject clutter

Over the years, we tend to accrue a lot of material possessions. But while they may bring us joy and satisfaction initially, in time they can become clutter. And clutter can actually elevate our stress levels and prove detrimental to our mental health

Try embracing a more minimalist aesthetic. Don’t worry, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to get rid of all your material possessions. You just need to think a little more discriminately about what you keep on display and what you put into storage. 

Make every room “ready” before leaving it

As much as we all want a tidy and restful home, we don’t want to dedicate hours every day to chores. Instead, try and think about gatting every room “ready” for the next occupant before you leave. Get rid of litter or any clutter that you’ve created and reset the room to how you found it. When everyone in the home is doing this, the business of housework becomes much easier. 

Make sure you see something with sentimental value everywhere you look

Once again, minimalism isn’t about doing away with material possessions altogether. It’s about ridding yourself of excess and deriving more joy from the possessions that remain. With that in mind, make sure that you can usually see something of personal or sentimental value wherever you look. Especially in parts of the home where you spend the most time. 

These measures won’t cure your lockdown blues overnight, but they will help to ensure that you derive more joy from your home.