Doodle as a Stress Therapy – Learn How to Calm Down Easily

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Stress is a big problem amongst Americans and is something millions deal with each and every day. It can impact everything from your work, your school projects, your relationship, and essentially all areas of your life.

While things like medication, therapy and many other tactics are great for reducing stress and anxiety, an underrated thing to try is doing crafts. Crafting has many benefits that range from boosting your mood to improving self confidence.

One kind of craft in particular that can provide some great benefits is doodling. Whether you want to learn to draw something (like a bear from this article from Craft Whack or just doodle aimlessly, this article is going to go over why doodling can help you calm down.

It Can Take Your Mind of Stressors

One of the main reasons that doodling is so great for stress is that it can actually take your mind off of stressors. An overactive mind that is constantly worrying about things can make stress even worse, so giving your brain a break is a good idea. Even a few minutes of doodling or drawing can take your mind off things and help you calm down.

Doodling allows your mind to be free and not have to focus, think or worry about anything. If you struggle just letting your mind go, you can focus on the act of doodling itself. You can think about what you are going to draw, what colors you want to use, and other things like that.

It Can Be Fun

Another way that doodling can help you calm down and assist with stress is that it can be fun. While stress and anxiety can still exist when you are having fun, it can often take a back seat for a while. Your mind will be focused on the excitement of creating art and the joy involved in the process, and not so much your struggles.

In addition to being fun, you will also see your skills improve over time and get a ton of enjoyment from this process of improving and becoming a better artist. Doodling also provides an opportunity for people to express themselves, which is always a good feeling and can boost your mood.

It Can Be Relaxing

The art of doodling can also be a very relaxing thing if you think about it. The entire process can be good at helping you calm down and taking a step away from your stressors. Everything from sharpening the pencils, to the sounds of drawing can be calming to experience.

You can also put on some relaxing music and turn down the lights a little to really get into it and ensure the experience is as relaxing as possible.

In conclusion, we hope this article has shown you how doodling can be an effective stress therapy and can help you learn to calm down. While it shouldn’t be the only thing you do to combat strength and anxiety, it can certainly help.

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