Dome8 The Iphone Case for Headphones


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This week John and I were sent brand new Dome8 Iphone cases for our cellphones. The fabulous Dome8 cases have been featured in Vogue recently and are strong durable Iphone covers which also have the ability to store headphones.


This means, no more getting your earphones lost in your pocket or in the bottom of your bag. I happen to have some music on my phone but often my earphones and cellphone are separated and I’m too tired to go and find the two. Now my earphones are right there, next to the phone, in the non slip case at the back of the phone and I think it’s a genius idea.

John my hubby chose the Black Dome8 case and I went for the lime green case. We both really love the versatility of our new cases and they came just in time as the old ones were falling apart.


The Dome8 had a dome shape at the back of the phone to wind your headphones up. This keeps them close by and means they are easy to access and keep in good condition. Taking out the earphones is simple to do and when your done you can simply wind them back up and place them back in the dome.


The case has a nice smooth feel and is very lightweight yet strong and sturdy. I imagine it is a lot more durable than any case I’ve had before. I often keep my phone in the home or take it to hospital appointments in my bag so the size and shape of the dome is fine for how I use the phone.


I also have a habit of knocking my phone onto the ground and the fact the Dome8 had a raise groove at the front of the phone gives me peace of mind knowing the screen is unlikely to break if I were to drop it.


Well I think this is a great colourful and bright case and look forward to using it for many weeks to come. I’ll be taking it to my 8 hour Day curve test at the hospital next week and will be listening to music or whatever I fancy whilst I sit in the day treatment centre.

The Iphone cases were gifted in return for an honest review.


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