Last time my husband and I went to vote I recall seeing a variety of dog photos shared by their owners across social media. Dogs at polling stations has now become a popular feature on polling day and today I have seen lot’s of gorgeous and lovely Dogs featured on twitter doing their civil duties.

I think with the sun shining and the wonderful weather it is a fantastic time to get out and about with the Dogs and walking to the polling station is one place many pooches will be going today. So without going on a boring you to death lets get to the fun and exciting part. Introducing, The Dogs At The Polling Stations.

Which photo do you like best? We took Yoda and Casper down to vote and they certainly enjoyed visiting the place and having a good sniff around.

Angela x

dogs at polling stations

So here are a few photos of lovely Dogs who did their duty yesterday starting of course with Yoda and Casper our Bichons.

yoda and casper bichon dogs

So here is Bella, she is a chocolate Labrador from Devon

belle the chocolate labrador

Bella’s Owner is Hayley over at Devon Mama

belle the chocolate labrador

Next we have Coulson  from Evesham. He looks like such a happy dog.  Coulson’s owner blogs over at Me The Man And The Kids

dogs at polling stations

and don’t forget Iolo who voted for more walks and sausages. His owner tweets at @hairheadhell


Well I hope you enjoyed this little selection of dogs at polling stations. I look forward to collecting more images at the snap election in a few months.

Angela x

dogs at polling stations


  1. this post absolutely melted me! I live in Canterbury and we have a lot of beautiful dogs in the city which means I spend more time than I should following them around town (especially the little sausage dogs!!) xx

  2. This is funny, because I was only saying to my husband yesterday that there were lots of dogs at the polling station.

  3. I love this! Saw you mention about dogs at polling stations in a Facebook group then went to vote and it seemed like everyone had brought their dog haha

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