Yoda And Casper Review Lovejoys Lamb and Rice Dog Food

This week Yoda and Casper were sent a real treat in the form of new dog food to test out.

Those of you that follow our “A Dogs Life” category will know that Yoda is a real “Piggy” at times which is why we call him Mr Piggy Wiggy and Porky Pies. Yoda will eat anything he can get his paws on and so will Casper.

We were sent a 2kg bag of Lovejoys Original Lamb and Rice Dog Biscuit Blend. Yoda and Casper don’t even tinned Dog food. It can upset their stomachs and so we will only review and test out biscuits which is something they generally enjoy.

The Lovejoys original lamb and rice blend is specially formulated to exclude many known allergens such as wheat, wheat gluten, dairy, pork, beef and soya. This is a good thing for us as Yoda had a major allergic reaction a month back and we are still unsure what the main cause of it was.

The biscuit blend we were sent is suitable for all dogs, whatever size, type or breed and this particular pack is made with Adult dogs in mind.

What I like about the Lovejoys biscuits is that the lamb and rice dog food includes seaweed oil. We actually fed the dogs seaweed the other week, after a meal we attempted went wrong. Yoda and Casper loved it by the way! Just like they loved the Lovejoys lamb and rice dog food. Seaweed oil is rich with DHA, docosahexnoic acid and supports a healthy brain, vision and nervous system. i love to give our Bichon Dogs food I know is good for their health.

The Lovejoys food also contains Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids which help give dogs a glossy coat and healthy skin. In addition the kibble helps remove plaque and tartar from dogs teeth which is always a good thing for our Dogs!

So what did Yoda and Casper think?

Obviously our dogs can’t talk but I think their behaviour spoke for itself. The bowls of dog biscuits were eaten with excitement and our Dogs appeared very happy. I think the food gets a paws up from Yoda and Casper.

I think this is a good dog food and after several days have noticed our dogs coat shining a little more. I really think this food is making a difference in a healthy way and it’s one our dogs enjoyed to test out.

Angela x

*We were sent the Lovejoys lamb and rice biscuits in return for an honest review.





  1. The fact that there is nutritional value included and the dogs love it makes it a winner in my books! Considering all the love and loyalty they show us, the least we can do is to find them something they love.

  2. Awww .. Yoda and Caper are the cutest! This looks like such a wonderful dog food. We have two golden retrievers and every time our boy (Harry) feels extra happy about whatever we fed him, he almost jumps and skips around the house. x

  3. Your pets are adorable! such cute pictures of them. I love that they’re the ones reviewing the food. I mean pets are our babies, so they always get what they want! lol

  4. Those dogs have got it made. I’d feel like a king if I could eat lamb and rice every single day. But that is one of the joys of dog ownership that I truly miss…spoiling my dog and giving him the best.

  5. when i read this i just come away thinking at least some people are making the effort to look after their pets

  6. My Riley has issues with his health and we need to make sure that what he eat is good for him. This sounds like an amazing brand and it’s nice that it’s free of the stuff that can makes our fur babies feel sick.

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