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Well, welcome to Bichon Life. For those of you who are new, I like to write a fortnightly post about Yoda the family Bichon Frise. For the past 24 weeks, I have been following a template which covered the areas, out and about, toy of the week, caught in the act and shot of the week. After much thought, I’ve decided to change thing up a little as I’m starting to get bored.

I need to enjoy my posts and having a set prompt so to speak can sometimes become a restriction. So from here on out, each Yoda post will have a different title and be more flexible in regards to what I write. So here goes.

Over the past two weeks, the weather has changed and it has become more cold. John took me to the supermarket to look for some school items for Sylvia and I could not help but notice these really cute Dog items.

I purchased a rather large jumper for £2. I thought it was a good price and with the winter coming, maybe, just maybe Yoda would appreciate the extra warmth? So when we got home we let Yoda try on his new jumper. He looked super cute. It was a little on the large side but I guess that’s better than too small.

Yoda is still a piggy wiggy and John took some great pictures while I ate a hazelnut Yoghurt. After I finished and before I knew it, Yoda was next to me trying to steal the empty yoghurt pot. I let him take it and he got it stuck on his mouth. it was quite funny.

My daughter Sylvia absolutely adores our puppy and we had a photograph together. I really liked it. She is so happy in the picture. Well, I’ll not go on and on, but I’ll share the lovely pictures taken by my hubby.


Yoda is almost one year old! We are excited and we entered a competition to host a Dog party to celebrate his birthday. My good friend has a nice size garden and we will be inviting a few of Yoda’s dog pals to join him. I’m not too sure if we will be getting him a cake though!

As for the birthday boy, I’m thinking of buying him a new bed for his birthday.

We wanted to get him a bed when he was younger but he wasn’t exactly toilet trained and so we have put it off and he sleeps in different places, like the sofa or our bed, or on a blanket next to the bed.

I think it’s time to treat Yoda to a soft dog bed. That would be just great. I’m not sure how he’d react but this is what I’m thinking to get the birthday boy for his special day.

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