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A few weeks ago we were sent a Dog Buff for Casper our Bichon Frise from the Buff Wear multifunctional headware range. Buff Wear sell warm and fantastic headwear for adults and kids as well as for our beloved pet dogs and I was excited for Casper to try out a new Buff neck warmer and see if he liked it.

buff wear

Casper has always loved to wear warm clothing and dog wear, whereas Yoda was not really as into it. However since Casper has been wearing warm jumpers and buffs, Yoda has wanted to as well and happily kept on anything we give him to try. We chose to test out the Dog Buff with the stars and reflectors on and Casper has worn this a few times now.

buff wear

I must admit, it has not been easy trying to get a photo of Casper with his new buff. He is really active and every time I tried, he would be moving around. I finally got a photo when he was laying on the Sofa resting.

Casper Bichon

Buff Wear have a nice range of Dog Buffs and I really love the ones with paw prints and bones on them. They come in two sizes, for smaller and larger dogs and we got the smaller one for Casper as he is a small Bichon Frise. The larger sizes fit medium to large dogs such as Labs, Poodles, Setters and Alsations.

The material on the dog buff is made of microfiber and has a comfortable feel. Casper has not tried to take the buff off, which is a sign he likes it and neither did Yoda when he had a turn. The Buffs range from £10-11 pounds and can be ordered online. I may just have to get a matching one for Yoda so our Bichons can have a twining photo.

That would be great. Which design do you like best?

buff wear

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Disclosure: We were sent the buff for the purpose of this blog post.


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