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Does Random Work? Brilliant Thoughts on Blogging


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Does Random Work? Brilliant Thoughts on Blogging


When I first started blogging, I would write about my day to day life, random things that happened, how I felt as a Mother, what we had been up to and the things I loved. The more successful my blog became, the more I would hear on what you should and should not do as a blogger.

“Be a brand”

“Be yourself”

“Work for Free”

“Know your worth”

“Blog about what you want”

“Curate posts the audience will want”

“Instagram daily life”

“Plan your IG Posts”

Seriously, the list goes on. I attended BritMums in 2015 and heard some brilliant advice, however some of it was contradictory. One blogger would do things different to the other. Where one way is a big no no to one, it’s a big fat Yes to the other.  This applied to content, pitching, planning, writing, promotion.

I’ve always been a little random with different topics popping up here and there. I find it hard to fit into a niche, which again I’m told would really benefit my blog, yet others say “you are the niche”. I guess this is why I always struggled with my blog categories.

Now they are very broad, Family and Home is my major category, It includes posts on parenting, my life as mum, home life, interiors all sorts. I then have one for blogging for random posts like this one and a category for fashion, fun with kids, health and “A dog’s Life”.

I never planned on writing about Dogs. Heck I never planned on having one, but, it happened and people loved it and I enjoyed it but then I started to lose interest. I began to feel bored. I was writing every week about Yoda and his life, I needed to broaden the horizons and cover different Dog material.

So I wrote about Bichon Dogs and my post 50 Shades of Bichon took off! I don’t think it was that post but a year of patiently writing about my Dogs. Suddenly, I’m offered products to review, Dog collars, PeaMutt Butter, Luxury Dog Bowls and more. I’m even asked to write sponsored posts and it’s fabulous. my category was “Yoda’s Life” and then “A Bichon life” and now “A Dogs Life”. SEO wise it is better to have the word Dog. There are far more many people with Dogs than just Bichon Owners.

I felt tempted to go and create a separate blog like Paws and Prada, just a Dog Blog which I’m sure would do amazingly well, but then this is not really something I want to write about everyday. I’m happy writing about Dogs once a fortnight. That’s enough for me.  I could also write a blog on blogging or on home interiors but again, It’s not something I could write about every single day.

It’s fun sharing cute pictures of Yoda and Casper on my Instagram Feed, but thats just one thing to share. I’ve thought about curating but I cant seem to do it. I don’t go out enough to take tons of pictures of my child outside, or travel enough to do just outdoor shots. I don’t cook enough to do just food posts and I’m not well enough to spend hours planning and creating special Instagram pictures.

I guess for me random works best and I need to find some way of making my random work!

I started a fun post each Sunday called My Sunday Style and it’s quite cool, we took photo’s of my daughter and shared her outfits on the blog each week. I’m really not sure this is what I want to do though. You see I’m not a huge fashion lover. If I became popular at blogging her outfits then i’d end up with work writing about outfits and getting clothes to review but to me thats not my genuine interest. I do find it fun dressing up my daughter but not enough to be writing about it all the time.

Thinking about it I realised I much prefer new items to test and try such as things for the home! I love storage and have a dream to create a beautiful home, so I need to focus more on writing about the home and then I will get more work opportunities in that area!

This is a random post but my thoughts are coming out and they are valid!

I love outings, baking with my child and having fun, but being unwell really affects my ability to go places. We get plenty of invites but cant go to half of them! I’d love to take Sylvia to Rave a Roo but I’m too unwell to travel at the moment. I combined my kids fun, out and about, cooking and play into one category, “Fun with Kids” and I think that was a smart thing to do as I really don’t do these things or blog enough to write all separate categories.

I heard if you don’t have more than 11 posts in a year on the subject then don’t make it into a category! again that is advice and it may or may not be right for every blogger!

I’m told to make pintrest pictures and pin all my posts and Yes this works well for many people but today I just feel like writing and making a quick feature picture (which I have to because my template requires that) and making the post live!

It’s funny all the promotion work which goes into each and every post. I drove myself crazy for weeks and months promoting every post I wrote and finally realised, I don’t have to!  Why don’t I just write it, sort the SEO and post!  It does not matter if I don’t get a comment! Right? Comments look good, and engagement is fab but my most popular posts of all time have very few comments.

Interesting Fact!

Why is that?

My most popular posts also have no pictures, just a feature image.

It’s because my best posts are when I just write freely, how I feel, what I think and how life is.

I am finally discovering my style, my flair, my way!

If I have baked with my child, I would rather write about my life experiences baking than share the recipe. If I am writing about the Dogs, It’s great to share a product but I like to write an experience or story showing the product than a simple, this is what we got and I liked it or not! It’s taken 14 months to realise that I prefer random. I prefer stories and experiences that flow and just come out.

I could easily write my post yesterday on why it’s a great idea to insure your dog based on my own experience. If I had to write a post on the same subject like a list of good reasons, my mind would just freeze. It would be much harder.

It’s the same for blogging. I struggle to write a how to list style but sharing my blogging experience in a story, now thats different but is much easier.

This is a long post and a random post but it’s the exact type of thing I like to do best and so I’m going to in the coming weeks and months attempt to write more in this way. It works best for me.

I guess at the end of the day everyone is different and uniques we all have our own styles and own way of reaching the audience and not one size fits all!

So does random work? For some it does. For some it does not. I’m just glad I have figured my writing style out a little more and will try and work with this a lot more in future.

Thanks for reading

Do you like this style?

I’d love to know?


  1. Sometimes being random is good, sometimes I will write a post out of thin air ( and they are usually the posts that do the best) and it will be good heartfelt posts that are not contrived. It can be difficult keeping under one category all the time which is why I too like to mix up my content!

    1. Interestingly enough I love your blog Ana and I think it’s the random nature. We still have themes and it is still consistent but no set weekly post and writing from the heart. In fact your idea of sharing pictures with text on a subject rather than writing about the photo has inspired a post that is coming out next week and was so much easier for me to write than if I’d had to sit and try and write an essay /uni style post.

  2. I’m a randomer too. I like to write about what interests me that day. I have such broad headings on my blog that everything fits in somewhere or another. I just can’t talk about one topic, because I have a flitting mind.. my interests change constantly! lol. x

  3. Angela, I think you’re finding your voice! Your dog insurance post was very genuine and had a lot more reach than a standard endorsement. Thanks for the random and real posts!

  4. I have been blogging for two years and used to listen to what ‘to do’ and what not. But I too discovered that a lot of ‘advice’ contradicted each other – leaving me confused! I blog about what I want to share – yes, my niche is me – my voice (well Pickles) You should do what feels right for you. Loved this post by the way! Kaz x

    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed my post and I agree, we are our niche and everyone has different lifestyles. It’s great to figure it all out!

  5. Your blog is great lovely. I enjoyed reading this post. I usually don’t enjoy reading long posts, but this post wasn’t extremely long as others I have come across, and you have cut it up in between. Keep going!

    1. oh I’m glad you enjoyed it…. I try not to write long posts too often but i needed to get it all out, my thoughts about where Im at and I’m excited to finally be working out my voice as a blogger.

  6. I think random can work really well if that is how your life is. My posts are quite varied because I don’t want to stick to just writing about beauty or vegan recipes or dating so I write about them all. x

  7. Hi yes I think random works. It depends on your reason for writing. If it is to attract loads of followers instantly, make cash from your log then perhaps not the best way to start. If however you want to write, you enjoy writing and are happy for your followers to grow organically then I think random is interesting. Let people like your style not your niche.

    1. I’m not sure I agree 100% . I think I can write the way I do and earn a living, but then my point is that different bloggers do do it differently and i guess it depends on the talent and style!

  8. I think we are very similar in the way we view our blogs. As you know, I often do a monthly theme, and that is usually enough for me before I either get bored of the topic or run out of new things to say. I could never have a specific niche, despite all the big bloggers telling me I need to (not me personally, just the advice I’ve read online). I think when you’re heart’s not in a post you can tell and I would rather write honestly and passionately about anything and everything than write blandly about one thing.
    I love your blog and your writing style, it obviously works for you 🙂

    1. I was interested to hear what you thought. I appreciate your comments and totally get the random thing. So many say we cant make it big doing it this way and I think you can, if the DA is high enough and you have a big enough following. It;s taken a long time to figure where I want to take this and like you I;d be so bored if the niche was too specific! Lifestyle is great for me, kids, home, family and life!

  9. It’s awesome that things are falling into place! I think random can work to a certain degree. Guest posts might be a good example. The style and personality are different but they’re usually still interesting to regular readers.

    1. Thanks Liz. I am working out who I am and am looking at having guest posts. Of course there has to be some steady topics especially to work with PR but finding the right balance for me is great!

  10. well you got lots of comments on this post so you must have hit a soft spot with a lot of us. I totally agree with everything you said – I started to head down the promote-promote-promote path as my blog got bigger but then I realized that isn’t what I want. I stepped back, focused on what I love to write about and if people enjoy it then that’s an added bonus. I’ll never make money but I won’t have to promote adult diapers either so I see that as a win! My theory is that this is fun and if it stops being fun then I need to back pedal. Great post x

  11. I’m in the same boat as you in that I don’t have a “niche” and often write posts in a variety of topics. I like writing about all of those topics though so I don’t really want to specialise even if it might get me more followers! I’m happy things are working out for you 🙂

    1. thanks. Of course it’s random within the context of lifestyle and family so it’s not just anything but I’m not much of a regular item person!

  12. I love your blog & the fact you write about what’s happening to you at that time. Due to my work I often have to schedule my posts which takes away spontaneous writing. I wish time allowed me to be a little more random xx

    1. Thanks so much! It is great to be able to write as things happen. I do pre-write some posts but always end up using them up on my “more sick” than usual days!

  13. I think as you have said advice out there is very contradictory with some bloggers swearing by one thing and others by another. I think you have to do what is right for you, it’s clearly working 🙂

  14. I love a random blog. I don’t really read any niched blogs that stay strictly to topics on that niche. I love reading about dogs one day, beauty products the next and something entirely different the next x

  15. I do find organising posts etc is a great way to run a blog BUT it becomes a full-time job and a chore and you get fed up sometimes you just want tow rite I know I do and so I do just that and I actually find my random posts are more popular

  16. I actually do think that random works. Although posting every single day last year did help me a lot but this year I’m posting randomly and enjoying it myself. I think that shows in my content! xxx

    1. Oh I tried to post everyday last year and that helped me too, it’s now paying off this year the work i did last year. I guess my thoughts were more on the type of content than when we post but its true for both i guess.

  17. I very much like posts that read naturally rather than something that is really formulaic. I think your dog insurance post was much better than a standard review. Embrace the random! I’m still finding my flow with my blog. In a way it was easier before I read lots of blogging advice!

    1. Thanks Sarah, your not the first to say that and I appreciate the positive feedback. I think I just need to be me and stick to that and not worry! Angela x

  18. Random certainly works!!! I think blogs with so-called random posts are the most interesting blogs. I’ve read tons of those “blog dos and don’ts” posts and I disagree with most of them, when it comes to that niche thing. I think most niche blogs are boring – I like to read about people and about what they are interested in. I’d be bored to read about the same thing over and over. There are some photography blogs that are good, but only because I’m geeky about photography. I’d never want to read a personal blog that was about only one thing. I like to see the blogger’s personality shine through, and read their thoughts on various things. Actually, when people are asked what they like to read about on blogs, the majority replies “I like to read about people’s lives”.
    I just found your blog and – apart from dog posts (since I have no interest in dogs) – it looks good.

    1. I agree. I love random and writing about lives and whats going on is what i prefer…my life, my diary and my jorney which i ind interwsting and same when i read others blogs!

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