Do You Like Mice? We Do But Not In The House

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Do You Like Mice? We Do But Not In The House

A few weeks ago Sylvia and I visited the Works to pick up some new children’s books for her bookshelf. One of the books my daughter chose was called Library Mouse and my daughter really likes it. It got me thinking about the different mice in books, on tv and in cartoons.

Growing up I always loved mice. I enjoyed watching Tom and Jerry. Jerry was the star of the show and a loveable but naughty mouse. I also loved Danger Mouse and of course the loveable Mickey Mouse.

Mice on tv and in books are portrayed as cute and adorable and as much as I like them, I do not like real mice. Not all all!

I remember when we were kids. The house next door was empty and mice were breeding. They eventually found a way to get into our home and my mum would spend a lot of time putting down traps.

I’m not sure if you know much about mice habits but they are nocturnal and come out at night. That’s why it was so hard to catch them and work out where the mice were coming from. I found them creepy and whenever we saw one run across the room we would squeal and jump onto the sofa.

Having mice was not a fun experience but the issue was solved when my mum brought home our first kitten Fluffy. Fluffy was a loyal cat and for the next decade we didn’t have any more issues.

In fact my parents have always owned a cat since I was very young and it’s a good thing as it really had kept the home mouse free.

I know some people have pet mice and love them but I really don’t. I personally am not a fan and I would never want to have mice in my home as pest or as pets.

The good news is that Sylvia feels the same way. She much prefers to read about mice in cute story books as do I and luckily for my daughter we have never had any unwanted visitors in our home. Thank goodness.

I sometimes wonder if having our dogs Yoda and Casper help keep the mice at bay. You never know but either way I am glad we haven’t had that problem and hopefully we won’t have to deal with any rodents in future.

Angela x

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