Do-it-yourself or custom-made dissertation, what to choose?

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Completing a master’s thesis is considered the first step on the path to the scientific pinnacle. Its defence guarantees obtaining an academic master’s degree, but for this to happen, you need to make every effort. There are many companies on the market offering assistance in writing a master’s, doctoral, or master’s thesis on a turnkey basis, including dissertation help. Each of these companies establishes its own set of services, which are included in the full price.

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What are the benefits of writing a dissertation?

Writing and defending a scientific paper provides not only material benefits or increased self-esteem. The applicant develops important qualities:

  • experience in achieving the set goal;
  • ability to overcome obstacles;
  • increasing professional level. Many candidates and doctors of science say that they began to seriously study their speciality only after choosing a research topic and starting work;
  • methodological work skills: analysis, systematization of data, planning of experiments, results;
  • ability to find information from different sources and work with it;
  • the ability to express one’s thoughts clearly and clearly on paper.

As a result, the successful applicant will be able to promote his ideas in scientific circles with less effort and will become more confident in himself and his choice. If you haven’t more time to write this work by yourself, you can entrust it to professionals. Read more about this on the site

Practical advice for working on a dissertation

The first piece of advice for working on a dissertation is to always have a plan. Moreover, its working version is compiled at the very beginning. It is important to write down a schedule not just with the points of the dissertation, but also with deadlines. This makes it easier to navigate, organize your work, not miss the main thing and not be distracted by unnecessary things.

Always, regardless of the topic of research, the main guidelines remain compliance with copyright and the absence of plagiarism. The required percentage is very high, so every correctly formatted link counts. To avoid misunderstandings, it is important to use, first of all, a text uniqueness program.

Factual errors, distortion of data, and use of unverified information are not forgiven. To avoid such a scenario, you need to use official, verified sources. An important recommendation is to write a conclusion parallel to the introduction and do this after the main text is ready. This way the main point is not missed and consistency is ensured.

Common mistakes when writing dissertation research

Writing dissertations independently is fraught for the researcher not only with a loss of time but also with an unpredictable result. It is necessary to take into account all the nuances: from the structure of the work to the preparation of accompanying documents. It is difficult for a tired student to do everything right.

A dissertation requires immersion in the topic: you need to study a lot of literature and think through a plan taking it into account. It will not be possible to create a perfect plan the first time since edits and additions always appear in the process (new sections, names, semantic parts, etc.).

Based on world practice and domestic realities, we highlight the following mistakes in dissertation writing:

  • Plagiarism. One way or another, illegal borrowing occurs regularly. It is unacceptable to violate the lower uniqueness limit.
  • Insufficient number of publications with research results. Most often this happens because there are problems with the correct choice of a magazine, for example, which does not have an official category. It happens when the topic of the article is not directly related to the dissertation.
  • Grammar, syntax, and punctuation errors. Of course, isolated cases will not affect anything. But unread text and illiterate presentation distort the entire perception. The use of items in sources that are not mentioned in the main part, and vice versa, the design of references and footnotes that are forgotten or ignored in the bibliographic list. 

Topping the list is the irrelevance of the topic, and this dooms the research to failure.

When a student has time to spare, he can afford to work independently. However, it happens that there is nothing left before delivery, and the work is still only at the stage of collecting literature. In this case, help in writing a master’s thesis would not hurt.

Candidate dissertation to order: advantages

Delegating a task will save time and energy for other important things. The price for writing a PhD dissertation is affordable for many: all you need to do is just tell us the topic of your research. Authors from specialized companies will independently select relevant literature, check the accuracy of the data, conduct research and present its results. By ordering a PhD dissertation, you receive:

  • guarantee of meeting deadlines;
  • professional order fulfilment;
  • opportunity to calmly prepare for defence.

It is not enough to write a PhD thesis; you still need to present it correctly. If you decide to order a piece of work, you need to understand that writing it takes a certain amount of time.

The quality, literacy and originality of the candidate’s or master’s work depends on the time allocated. It is recommended to think about ordering several months before the work is due. Then there will be time to study it and prepare for a high-quality and successful defense.

For doctors of science, writing a dissertation in order is not difficult and will not take much time, but still, if you want to get work of excellent quality, it is better not to delay asking for help. Specialists are always ready to advise clients on writing a scientific paper or writing a research paper of any complexity from start to finish.

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