Going To Disneyland With Berocca


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The school holidays have been really busy and those who have been following my recent posts will know that I’ve been quite unwell and not able to do as much as I would have liked to with my daughter. That’s the reality of living with chronic illness. I’ve been looking for something to help give me an energy boost and Berocca has come to the rescue.


Ever since I was a child I remember seeing Berocca in my grandmother’s cupboard. Grandma is big on vitamins and this is where I first discovered Berocca effervescent tablets. I used to watch grandma adding a tablet to a glass of water and remember seeing the tablet fizz and dissolve.

So this week I have been using Berocca each morning to help boost my energy for the school holidays. Berocca is the UK’s number 1 energy vitamin and is packed full of 8 B vitamins including vitamins B1 and B2 which work with the body to release natural energy.


After taking Berocca in the morning with my breakfast I did have a boost of energy more than I have had in the earlier weeks of the holidays. This has been really good and helped me to get those extra vitamins my body needs. Taking Berocca gave me more energy which is a good change. Having just a little more energy makes a world of difference to what I am able to do and accomplish during the day especially as a mother.

I’ve been exhausted and feeling flat for weeks and after taking Berocca I was able to go out with my family for a short trip to the shopping centre to buy some new items for our upcoming trip to Disneyland. I had been wanting to go out for weeks but was simply too tired. The Berocca helped me feel more energised and I am so pleased I managed to get out with Sylvia. I did not feel a huge slump as badly as I usually do mid morning and I am really pleased about this.


Spending time with my daughter in the holidays has been wonderful and we have done so much more this week than the previous two weeks. I’m pleased I decided to test out Berocca and will continue to do what I can to keep my energy levels as high as I can get them. This week we tested out lots of new toys for the blog, we went shopping, made our Disney autograph books, did some super fun photo shoots and packed everything for our trip.


I am so super excited. We leave for our holiday tomorrow and I will be taking my Berocca with me to make sure I have as much energy as I can to enjoy the Disney Parks and our first overseas adventure in five years.

Berocca has really helped give me a little extra energy and it’s made such a difference.

Angela x

*This is a collaborative post and all opinions and my own. #YouButOnAReallyGoodDay



  1. I used to drink this every day and it definitely does make a difference! I must remember to buy some again! x

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