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In the morning we will be leaving for our first overseas holiday in 5 years. We are going to Disneyland and I am so so excited. I am going with my husband John, my daughter Sylvia and my brother James. We are all so excited.

The bags are packed and all we need to do is get the lunch out of the fridge in the morning and pack the computer. We plan to take lots of photos and so I am taking my lap top so I can transfer images each day from the camera to the mac book. This will allow us to have plenty of space on the memory card each day.

I am super excited. Going to Disneyland was a dream which I did not imagine would happen this year. However we have done it and I am really pleased. It has meant sacrifices for example I have not had my hair done this year and whenever Sylvia needed a trim, I have cut it myself.

We have stuck to a tight budget when it comes to food and made more food from scratch. John has bought more items from the mark down section and Sylvia saved everything she received for her birthday back in May.

I am super excited. Yes I will have to spend a lot of my time in the hotel resting due to my Adrenal Insufficiency but it’s going to be a fabulous holiday and a once in a life time holiday to remember.

The good news is we have some fabulous costumes for Sylvia to wear whilst on holiday including this Cinderella outfit. I better go and double check we have everything we need.

My parents are housesitting and watching Yoda and Casper while we are away. I don’t like to leave the house empty. Well I am off to bed and tomorrow our journey begins.

Angela x