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Disney Swimming Costume The Little Mermaid

little mermaid swimming costume

Disney Swimming Costume The Little Mermaid

disney swimming costume the little mermaid

Sylvia has recently started swimming on a regular basis and she really loves it. Soon she will be starting lessons and she is really excited about this. She has a new swimming costume and some Zoggs (goggles) which Ironically rhymes with Toggs, the New Zealand word for Swimming Outfit.

I really do like this swimming costume. It was a gift and I know when I was a child I loved wearing Disney clothing especially my Disney PJ’s.

I really love Disney and especially the Disney princesses.

I asked Sylvia who her favourite disney princessesa are and here they are in order.



Sleeping beauty




There are plenty more but these are the ones she likes the most at age 7.

Angela x


    1. I know! I wish we had done swimming earlier but life and illness has taken the centre stage for so long, this school year- I’m making sure my daughter gets to do lots of fun things! Angela x

    1. Thanks Clio. I had lessons when I was young but never really ever got good at swimming. I hope my daughter can gain the skills I did not!

      Angela xx

    1. She really was! The hubby took her as I was not well enough to go myself but it’s great to see the photos as it makes me feel as if I was there too!

    1. I loved swimming and used to go a few times a week before i got married. one day when I get the adrenal pump, and if my heath improves I’d love to get back into swimming or doggy paddling lol! Angela xx

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