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Today I am writing a fun blog post. I’m sharing 6 Disney Princess Dresses Sylvia’s Style. The twist is that not one of these outfits was purchased new. Some were found at carboot sales, some were passed on as second hand items and some we even created ourselves. I do hope you like this blog post. The pictures are from a few years ago so not the quality one might expect with a camera today but I thought they are worth sharing. Which Disney outfit do you like the most?

Sleeping Beauty. Sylvia loved to dress up in this Sleeping Beauty dress/nighty. You can wear it as bed clothing or dress up as Aurora. The choice is yours. We used it for both.

Cinderella was a fun costume back in the days. Sylvia enjoyed acting out scenes for the movie and pretending to change the mice into men with the fairy god mother’s magic wand.

Here is our version of Elsa from Frozen. Sylvia and I found a blue TuTu. (See I have loved tutu’s for many years) and matched this with a top from home, some purple gloves and a tiara.

Snow white is a super awesome costume. Did you know that when we went to Disney Land Paris 5 years ago, (yes that’s how old this picture is) we were able to go straight on a ride without queuing because Sylvia was dressed as Snow White. This outfit cost one pound from a car boot sale.

This Belle Christmas outfit was a popular one back in the day. Sylvia loved to wear this and here she is eating a rosey red apple. It kind of blends in well with the dress and red roses. We just love Beauty and the Beast.

Last of all we have Repunzel. Tangled was our favourite movie 5 years ago and Repunzel was the hottest princess in Disney Land in 2013. Now for some exciting news! Sylvia is going to ………. DISNEY LAND.

She will be modelling a range of princess dresses whilst on her holiday and we can’t wait to share them with you in a few months! We are super excited and looking forward to her dresses arriving… woop woop. What a fantastic opportunity to have fun and for mummy to get some amazing photos for the blog all at the same time.

Angela x