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Today Sylvia has been playing a brand new game which is called Play That Tune. The game is really fun and simple and has been a lot of fun. We are super impressed and it’s been a great way to enjoy playing our favourite Disney music.

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Play That Tune is a 4 player game which we have seen being played on tv on a children’s channel. The game consists of a pack of cards, counters and 4 Kazoos. You can purchase the game from Find Me A Gift, a website that specialises in gift ideas for all.

Each card has an easy or hard option or song choice which the player has to play on their Kazoo. The other players have to guess the song. There are a few versions of this game and we have the Disney song version which is fantastic.

There are 50 Song cards and over 100 songs to choose from. My daughter absolutely loved this game when it arrived and she has been asking to play it all evening.

I must admit, I had fun playing Play that tune with Sylvia and using the kazoo can be quite fun. In fact we are really looking forward to playing this game with Sylvia’s dad tonight and her friends this week.

Sylvia is going to a Birthday party on Saturday and I have to purchase a birthday present. It’s for a child the same age as Sylvia and I now know what I will be buying. This game is fantastic for kids and the family and at only £7.99 I think it is a great bargain.

I really like the Disney version of Play That Tune and it really is a fantastic fun game for the family. One I would certainly recommend.

*We were gifted this product for the purpose of review.

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