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Next week we are going to Disneyland Paris and whilst I am really excited and happy for my daughter I am also nervous and quite scared.

I have serious health conditions namely Adrenal Insufficiency and it’s been over 5 years since I last went on a real family holiday or even on an aeroplane.

Having the condition I have I know the harsh reality is that I will spend 75% of the holiday resting in the hotel room. We are staying at the Santa Fe Hotel which is themed after Disney Pixar Cars and that will be fantastic.

We did visit Disneyland 5 years ago before I became unwell and before my marriage to John. However this trip is going to be very different.

I did consider sending my daughter to Disneyland just with her father but you know I really do want to go as a family and be a part of the holiday.

We are packing well in advance. Sylvia has some lovely costumes to wear on holiday including this fantastic Disney Moana costume from Party Delights.

Sylvia looks awesome doesn’t she! I really think she makes a good Moana. In fact I wrote a post about Sylvia identifying with Moana. You may enjoy reading this.

So we are flying from Liverpool Airport to Paris. We will be taking my wheelchair as I know this is going to take a lot out of me. I don’t want to make the holiday suck for everyone else but I am going to pace myself and at least go for an hour or so each day.

I hope to take Sylvia to the Moana meet and great. That would be cool. We want to see the Star Wars show and visit the Disney Princesses. It will be nice seeing Sylvia enjoy the rides and of course my husband will take some lovely photos during our holiday.

I know flying with Adrenal Insufficiency is risky business. I have to double my medication so my body can cope with the added stress of being on an aeroplane. Apparently it naturally raises cortisol levels. Therefore I will need to give my body more cortisol.

We are flying out the day before we go to Disneyland. This will give me a chance to recover in a airport hotel before the second part of the journey. I guess the most important thing is to pace myself and rest when I need to.

I know I can enjoy the mornings with my family and then rest and return for the Disney parade and then the Fireworks and show at night. It is going to be just amazing. I have worked so hard to be able to give my daughter this opportunity and it is a goal on our bucket list to go to Disney as a family, me John and Sylvia.

I am super excited as is Sylvia and we have 10 days to go. I just hope I can be well enough to pick up some Mickey Ears and bits before we leave. If not I will have to send my husband shopping.


*We were sent the Moana costume to wear at Disneyland



disney Moana Costume