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Disney Frozen Sylvia’s Style

Today Sylvia is modelling one of her favourite nighties. It’s a Disney Frozen Nighty which we got second hand. Welcome to Frozen Sylvia’s Style. We do love nice clothes, whether they are new, designer, budget or hand me downs.

We are real and don’t have money to splash out on new items, but it doesn’t matter. So long as the clothes look great Sylvia is happy and so am I.

Don’t get me wrong I do have some favourites which are not cheap. I love Rachel Riley designs especially gorgeous tops and cardigans. I think they are adorable.

I also love Yumi Dresses from Debenhams and House of Fraser. We also love Clarks shoes and I’m sure as we explore the fashion world more we will find more brands we love.

However the reality is some families can not afford new clothes and when they can, they need to be bought from a store like Asda or Tesco.

We love supermarkets brands. Sylvia has some lovely FnF and George items. We also love stores which are a little more expensive such as Monsoon, Mango, Next and Gap.

When I find a label item on sale, at a car boot sale, online or in a charity shop, I’m just as happy to buy it from these locations as a new item in store. If we had the money we would go directly to the store every time, but not everyone does have the cash.

I remember being a single mother and going to the market to find bargains. I was so pleased with the things I’d find. I even used to buy second hand coats until my good friend Esther from Inside out and

About gave Sylvia her first Expensive Coat. Esther worked for a company where she had access to lovely clothes and so she kindly treated Sylvia to a lovely coat and I’ll be forever grateful.

We now have enough money that we buy Sylvia a new coat each year and new shoes. T-shirts and other items however come as we find them and to be honest I’m not ashamed of that.

Sometimes a mother has to do what a mother has to do. I grew up with hand me downs and we also pass on our clothes to people who need them.

This nighty will be going to New Zealand shortly to my sister’s four girls.

I’m not sure which one will fit it but Sylvia has had a growth spurt and it’s almost too small. Lucky we took the photos like 5 months ago!

Children grow so fast, that their clothes can be passed on and shared and I think thats a great way to recycle and make the most of the things we have.

It’s also good to help those in need and trust me I know what it’s like to be handed a wonderful bag of lovely clothes when thats the last thing you can afford.

Not everyone will agree with me and some will understand, some may not but this is how I feel about children’s clothes. Seconds are just as good.

New clothes are a special treat and review items are just magical. What do you think of the pictures. Do you like our Disney Frozen Sylvia’s Style?

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