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Discovering a Talent I never knew I had- The Artist in Me

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Discovering a talent I never knew I had -The Artist in Me

As a child I grew up believing I was useless at Art and so for 25 years I avoided it like the plague. The reality is, I had several teacher’s in Primary School who rubbished anything and everything I created.

I often had my art pointed out as an example of “what not to do!”. The other kids would laugh and mock me because I was unable to do exactly what the teacher wanted. My confidence was shattered and my self esteem destroyed. Sadly I believed I was rubbish.

I believed I could not design or create and therefore I had nothing to do art again, not at high school, College or University. (Well, this is what I thought).

I have since discovered that I do enjoy art. I love design. In particular Word and Font Art. I’ve had this talent all along. I just never realised it!

As a high school and varsity student I developed a technique for studying for exams. A method that worked really well for me.

I would draw and design (almost like brainstorming) the facts and knowledge I needed to learn.

I’d put these on small cards and take them everywhere with me, on the bus, in the car, even on the checkout at the supermarket where I worked.

After University I worked as a teacher. I’d create boards to display children’s work and really enjoyed creating different text and font which looked really good.

I’ve also taught adults at my local church and again used my word art skills to make the lessons interesting and more visual.

Despite this I never realised that this was a form of Art, Art that I really enjoyed.

As an avid Journal writer I love to collect quotes.

I always have. My mother collected quotes in a little blue book when I was young and naturally I copied and never stopped.

Again I never realised how much I love small quotes and phrases.

If you ask anyone in my family what I want for Christmas or my birthday the answer will be felt tips. I have so many! I love getting new sets. Sylvia is always trying to use them!

It wasn’t until I got more serious with my Blogging that I started designing Word and Font Art, Small quotes and pictures for my blog.

It finally dawned upon me after all these years that I have a hidden talent. Well I think so anyway and that this is something I enjoy and can share with others.

I’m really quite excited to discover a new or not so new passion. I plan to design more and more each week and hope to share this via my blog and social media.

I once believed I was a failure. I wrongly believed I needed to “Shape-shift” to what others wanted. I not only believed this about Art but I also believed this regarding all aspects of life. I no longer do!

My grandmother discovered her talent for art in her 70’s. She is a fantastic oil painter. I have her Art on my wall.

My six year year old is also incredibly creative for her age. As a parent I encourage Sylvia to follow her dreams. I will not discredit her art work or dampen her self esteem.

I love Sylvia’s creations and every now and again add one to my Blog. These are called, “Little Creations”.

My whole attitude to Art has changed. I even went to Paris to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa. I took Sylvia my daughter.

We went to see Van Gough paintings at the French Metropolitan Museum of Art and have also viewed pieces in Belgium and Amsterdam.

It’s amazing how much “grown ups”, teachers and parents can affect a child’s self worth and feelings about their own abilities.

As a mother I do all I can to empower my daughter and teach her that she can do anything she wants to and now that I know this important fact, I will put it into practice.

I’m now learning to draw and create sketches to manipulate into online images for the blog. I find it so fun. I’m working on a picture of my sister. I’m new to all of this but I think I’ve discovered something I love that I never knew and that is graphics, illustrations and art! It’s so exciting I just had to share,

With this said,

I am grateful for talents

I am grateful for Art

I hope you like my quote

the earth quote



  1. Good for you! I was also rubbished at school. I was told not to bother taking art for any exams despite it being the only thing other than writing I enjoyed. It was scary for me to start doing illustrations for my blog too. I am my own worst critic. I have seen an improvement since I’ve started and feedback has been good so I say take a deep breath and go for it. Love your sketch x


  2. This is lovely. We all have hidden talents and sadly school doesn’t always pick up on them. I’m a classically trained singer and won a bursary at university which I had to audition for & learnt to sing opera. At school I was told I couldn’t have singing lessons. Just goes to show – keep going with your art šŸ™‚ xxx

  3. Hi Angela,
    I read this post and recognise a lot of myself here.
    I remember when I was 13 trying so hard to capture an image of a horse that I had dreamt of. It was the most important thing in my life, in the art class, to try and capture the beauty on paper with tentative, careful, faint pencil lines, scared I would spoil it. My art teacher came along, looked over my shoulder, took my pencil and said the hock was all wrong.
    She then showed me how to ‘do it right’ by scrawling all over it with her thick black pencil…..she killed it stone dead, along with my dream and I hated her forever for that insensitivity.
    After that I stopped even trying to draw.
    It was years before I realised, like you, that I was extremely creative, expressing my self through my tapestry, writing, my garden and now, needle felting
    Creativity, in any form, should be encouraged and developed in children as self expression and as a vital part of their personality and character.
    I love it when I see schools and activity groups doing crazy, unusual and off the wall creative play instead of just ‘art’.
    Thanks for the post and enjoy your newly realise creativity šŸ™‚
    Sarah x

    1. Hi sarah! Thanks for your comments. It’s sad how art teachers were like that back int he days. I honestly thought i was rubbish! I remember painting a under the sea scene and drawing the cutest cartoon style creatures and because it was not in the style the teacher wanted I got in trouble… nOw its the cartoon style I wish to develop! lol

  4. Embrace your talents, Ang! I’m happy that you’ve found something you enjoy doing. And j agree- art makes the world much more beautiful. Thank you for linking up with #candidcuddles! šŸ™‚

  5. What a great post. It is such a shame how most of us tend to be influenced by what others think of us and what we should do or be. I love when people stop listening and just follow their heart. This is so inspirational for all of us, thank you for sharing x

    1. Thankyou Kandy. I’m pleased you liked the post. People can influence you as a child. They certainly influenced me… this is a good lesson for parents as we can help re-shape the things our children are being told or taught!

  6. It’s so sad how the words of adults can stay with us for so long, and become our ‘truth’. I remember my textiles teacher refusing to put a piece of my work up on the wall with all the others because she didn’t like it! It takes a lot of courage to move past those feelings of not being good enough and to start putting your art out there. Well done you! And I love that sketch of your sister! x #candidcuddles

    1. Yes- people do shape our “truth” and “beliefs” but as adults we can challenge this. I am teaching my daughter to challenge what she is told. For example, when someone told her she was rubbish at singing…. I said to her… is it true? Are they judges on x-FACTOR? What right to they have to tell you how good or bad you are and my daughter thought about it for a while and said, your right! She’s wrong (the school friend) and she went off happy! – Angela xx

  7. Love that quote! I never heard it before, it’s very clever. It’s wonderful that you are teaching your daughter about art & that you are doing graphics for your site, they look great! Thanks so much for linking up with #candidcuddles x

    1. Thanks Becky! It is a cool one isn’t it! Art is fun and an awesome way to express yourself. I love quotes too! and combining the too is therapeutic for me! Angela xx

  8. Wow! I’m sorry you had a bad experience in Elementary school with your art teacher. I can’t say that I ever had any art teacher put down any student for not doing something exactly as it should be done (according to them). I would say I am fortunate to have had good Art and Music teachers. I can’t draw though and I love that you found a way to study using Art as your guide. Good for you! Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I know, i never even realised that visual studying was how i got through.. I just did it and was thinking about it a few months ago and realised what kind of learner I am lol1 Thanks for stopping by.

      Angela x

  9. the adults in our lives have a huge impact and it is amazing how long lasting the effects can be. It is great that you are recognising and utilising the skill in yourself. #bigfatlinky

    1. It’s true Kirsten! I am learning and trying to overcome some false truths i learnt and one is art! I wonder how different life would be had i pursued it at a younger age? however i am happy doing what i do as a blogger and happy to learn the skills now!

      angela x

  10. I would hate the world without art. I have been wanting one of those electronic doodle pads as well but just other stuff to pay for right now. I get quite a bit done with my photoshop program. I am visiting today from #candidcuddles.

  11. It’s great that you didn’t let the negative comments stop you and got into your drawing anyway. The awesome thing about art is that every one has their own style which blossoms. What kind of teacher puts down a child’s work anyway?

    I think your illustrations are lovely. They’ve got so much personality to them. I hope to see more of your art work soon, I really like it.

  12. I’m sorry you had all your creativity squashed as a child and glad you’ve found it again. It’s scary what impact a bad teacher can have on a child šŸ™ Sylvia is lucky to have you. Thanks for linking up to #happyquacks xx

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