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Dietbon Weight Loss Food Delivery Program A Review

For those of you who follow my blog, you will know that I have struggled for years with my weight due to suffering from chronic illness. In fact, I’ve taken a long break from trying to lose weight, a whole year. After my grandpa passed away in 2018, I decided to have some time out and rest my weight loss efforts.

Sadly I’ve regained more weight and when given the opportunity to try Dietbon ready made meals for the next two months I decided it was time for me to try and lose weight again and so I will be putting the Dietbon weight loss program to the test.

What Is Dietbon?

Dietbon is a weight loss program that provides 6 days of meals, breakfasts and snacks each week with the aim of helping you to lose weight.

Dietbon has a unique approach to slimming in that it provides the food you need each week in the form of ready meals. Originally from France, this diet program is now available in the UK for those interested in trying the plan.

Ready meals are great for someone who is super busy or for a mum like me who suffers from chronic illness and is often bed bound with little or no energy to cook a healthy and delicious meal.

Along with the ready meals, breakfasts, snacks and tea delivered by Dietbon, I am able to add two servings of fruit, two servings of dairy and one serving of raw veg to my daily diet.

How Much Weight Can I Lose On The Dietbon Plan

The Dietbon weight loss program is designed to help you lose between 1 and 2 pounds per week.

This is similar to other weight loss programs I have tried in the past, however the big difference is that I don’t have to stress each day over cooking healthy meals and I am looking forward to being able to eat Dietbon meals which are ready to heat in the microwave and eat.

I think this approach will personally work much better for me than trying to cook food myself each day, counting calories and recording all my food and working out values.

Dietbon Dietician Consultation

When you begin the Dietbon weight loss program you are asked to share basic information about your age, weight and height and share the amount of weight you would like to lose.

You are then given a suggestion as to the length of time to follow the Dietbon program. I’m going to be trying the plan for two months and will then review whether or not to continue with Dietbon at that point. I really want to succeed!

Once you have signed up to the Dietbon ready meal program, you can schedule a time to speak with a dedicated dietician over the phone to discuss your weight loss goals and ask any questions that you may have.

dietbon weight loss

Dietbon Guide To Success

You will receive a Dietbon Guide To Success to help you learn how to make the most of this weight loss program.

The guide has tasty recipe suggestions for your “Free Day” when you take a day off from the ready made meals and get to choose and prepare your own food.

The Guide also talks about exercise, motivation and discusses the importance of drinking at least 1.5 litres of water each day as part of your weight loss efforts.

Why Do I Want To Try Dietbon?

I wanted to review Dietbon and see if I can improve my health by eating home delivered ready meals. I’ve struggled in the past to be consistent when I’ve tried programs that have required me to record everything I eat and plan meals in advance.

I love that with Dietbon I only need to plan one meal per week and the rest of the week I can simply choose one of the tasty meals I’ve ordered. I say tasty, because I began my program two days ago and so far the meals have been delicious!

On Monday I had Chicken Risotto with Asparagus for lunch and Ravioli Soup for dinner. This morning I had summer berry museli and for lunch I had beef bourguigon which was so good.

Choosing Your Dietbon Meals

When you start the Dietbon program you get to choose the ready meals, breakfasts, snacks and desserts that you’d like.

There are so many options and for the first month, I chose lots of different ready made meals so I can work out which ones I like the most for my second month.

There are plenty of options from rice dishes to pasta meals to quinoa. You can even have a roast chicken and mash meal! There really is a good variety of meals to choose from and for me I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve eaten so far!

You also have the option to change your ready meal options up to 48 hours before delivery. The cost of following this meal plan for four months is £44 per week.

How Is Dietbon Delivered?

Once you’ve ordered your meals, the you’ll have your ready meals delivered by DPD.

A months supply of food arrived for me in two boxes. I had made room in my fridge and freezer to store my meals, however upon receiving my packages I realised the food is vacuum packed which means the meals can be stored out of the fridge if there is no space. Bonus!

Starting My Dietbon Weight Loss Prorgam

So I began my Dietbon program two days ago and whilst I was nervous and a little worried if I could do this, I’ve been okay so far.

Not having to worry about cooking for myself especially when I’m unwell has actually made life easier.

Having nutritious ready meals delivered to my door is certainly something I am pleased about and I am so pleased I don’t have to spend a lot of time working out what to eat.

There is no weighing portions and writing down everything I eat and I also don’t have the stress of trying to make a meeting when I feel so unwell.

I am looking forward to testing Dietbon meals for two months and will give a complete review at the end of this period.

I’ll share more with you more about this program and let you know how successful I have been after my trial period.