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Diet Bon Weight Loss Food Delivery Plan -A Review

Today I am sharing my experience of following the weight loss food delivery program from Diet Bon. I’ll begin by saying I’ve always struggled with my weight due to the medications I take and I was keen to try out a new plan to see if this could help me to become healthier.

The Dietbon Weight Loss Plan

Dietbon is a weight loss program that provides 6 days of meals, breakfasts and snacks each week with the aim of helping you to lose weight.

Dietbon has a unique approach to slimming in that it provides the food you need each week in the form of ready meals. Originally from France, this diet program is now available in the UK for those interested in trying the plan.

Ready meals are 100% natural and these Diet Bon meals are great for someone who is super busy or for a mum like me who suffers from chronic illness and is often bed bound with little or no energy to cook a healthy and delicious meal.

Along with the ready meals, breakfasts, snacks and tea delivered by Dietbon, I am able to add two servings of fruit, two servings of dairy and one serving of raw veg to my daily diet.

dietbon review

My Experience Of Diet Bon

When I first began Diet Bon I found it amazing. I loved the food and the meals and enjoyed having a one on one consultation with a dietician. This really helped me to feel motivated and started me off in the right direction.

After one week on the Diet Bon plan I had lost 12lbs. I was really surprised with how much weight I had lost. After this I lost a steady 1 lb each week. After 8 weeks I was down 18 lbs and had lost 1 stone and 4 lbs which is a good amount of weight to lose. I am really pleased.

I can genuinely say the plan does work and you can lose a steady amount of weight each week if you stick to the diet.

The Diet Bon Meals

I really enjoyed most of the Diet Bon Meals. For my first month I tried a large variety of dishes from the Diet Bon food delivery menu. I soon discovered which meals I loved the most and which ones I was less inclined to order again.

On my second month I ordered more of the meals I really enjoyed. I loved that I was able to add fruits and vegetables to my diet and that I had one day off per week to come off plan and cook from scratch.

It can be tough eating a set meal each day and there is potential for this to become a little boring, so having a variety of meals and being able to cook a healthy meal on your day off was a life saver for me.

What I loved About Diet Bon Food Delivery

I loved having my food delivered and the convenience of not having to count calories or points. I could simply choose my menu for the day and enjoy. I loved that I could eat some of my favourite meals such as pasta bolognese, shepherds pie and mushroom and asparagus risotto. They tasted so good.

I really enjoyed the detox teas and the treats, especially the pancakes and the small rye bread. They tasted fabulous. I love that I could eat carbs, protein and veg during the diet and the little fruit pots helped to curve my sweet tooth and allowed me to have something healthy but delicious each night when I felt like a treat.

Would I Recommend Diet Bon?

Like any food plan, following it perfectly is always hard to do, which is why I loved having ready meals with the flexibility of having one day off per week. I really do think this is a good plan. I could see myself following it for 3-4 months but not as a long term forever plan.

I think it’s a great way to lose those extra pounds and that this is a great way to change your eating habits before moving onto home made healthier food options in future.

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