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Delta Grey Decor In The Guest Bedroom

A few weeks ago my parents returned to New Zealand. I am missing them so much and so is Sylvia. It’s been tough getting used to being back on our own without extended family around but we now have a goal to save up and visit our family in NZ and it is an exciting goal to have.

While Mum and Dad stayed with us they slept in our spare room on a mattress on the floor. The room is now an empty shell and I really want to make it lovely. I have been thinking of making the room into a combined blogging room and guest room. I’ve been looking at guest beds, curtains and bedding from Julian Charles and have seen some really nice items which could help me transform the room.

To do this I have been looking at furniture, beds, sofa’s and bedding and I actually found a great Guest bed which I think would work well in the room. There are lots of lovely guest beds online to look at and the one I like the most is the Hunter Grey Fabric Guest Bed.


The reason I love this so much is because the bed is literally a Sofa which can be transformed into a guest bed when needed. This means I could sit on the sofa to chill and do blogging work in peace and then the bed can be used when guests visit. This would be the ideal solution for the spare room.

Another things I love about the Hunter guest bed is the storage space. You can never have enough storage space and I could store blogging items for review and guest bedding in the bottom of this bed and still have space for a desk and other items in the room.


So, I now know the type and style of guest bed I’d like to get in future. It would certainly help transform the room into a cosy nook for blogging and for guests. After finding the dream bed I could then decorate the room.


I found some fantastic curtains, bedding and cushions which I think would go well with the bed. These come from Julian Charles and I particularly like the Delta Grey and Yellow Luxury Filled Square curtains and bedding set. This would go great with the theme and style of our guest room.

What do you think? What would you do to make your spare room nice.

Angela x

*This is a collaborative post