Condo Apartment Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

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If you are renting a condo unit as an apartment, especially a studio unit, you would know that the space can feel cramped. Or you may be the owner of a condo unit and would want to lease it out but prospective tenants may feel that it’s too small. 

But do you know there are ways you can make your space feel bigger? A bit of redecorating can help give your place an illusion of space without actually having to tear down walls, or make other costly renovations. In order for you to do that, here are some small studio type room design ideas, and other decorating tips that you can do to help make your condo apartment feel bigger than it really is:

Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

Use Colors to Your Advantage

Colors play an important role in making your room feel bigger. The most basic is making use of light colors for your walls to the point that they appear to fade in the background. And to help you even more, make use of contrast so that other things on your unit pops out such as your furniture.

With using light walls, your furniture of contrasting color will be the focus, shifting your attention away from the boundaries that the walls present.

There are also other ways to play with wall paint to create an illusion of space. Aside from having light colored walls to expand the space, you can also have one darker wall, as well as a similar shade for your ceiling, so that you can make an illusion that elongates your space.

Meanwhile, going for darker walls and a lighter ceiling can make your space seem stretched vertically. 

Play With Light and Reflection

Letting light into your space can also make it feel bigger and brighter. So allow natural lighting to come into your space by using light materials for your curtains or drapes. Making use of a decent amount of lighting fixtures can help your space light up.

On another note, you should also make use of mirrors to take advantage of reflection.

Reflections also create an illusion of space, and are especially effective if there are little to no frames on the mirror that will break the illusion. Having floor-to-ceiling mirrors give the best illusion of space.

Take Advantage of Height

Your unit’s vertical space is often overlooked but taking advantage of it can help make your room feel bigger. By highlighting your unit’s vertical space such as through the use of tall shelves and long curtains, your room will seem bigger.

You can also store more things on a taller cabinet, allowing you to forgo storage items that would have taken horizontal space. 

Go Bigger but Fewer

Instead of having many small decorative pieces that can make your space feel cramped, it’s better to go with fewer but bigger items instead. Don’t overdo decoration as white space can help your unit breathe, and make it seem bigger. You can hire an interior designer in Dundarave if you need help in choosing the right pieces that fit your area.

Being Organized Is the Best Decorating Idea

Remember that having an organized place is the best decorating idea that you can have. Being organized doesn’t only mean making use of aesthetic storage pieces, or furniture with hidden storage, but keeping your space tidy. 

Keeping your space organized by storing all your stuff properly, throwing out unnecessary items, and generally keeping your place tidy is the best way to ensure that you have as much space as your unit can offer. So channel your inner Marie Kondo, and give reclaim space in your condo unit.

Making your condo apartment feel bigger doesn’t equate to a costly refurbishment. Going for these easy-to-do redecorating can help you improve the feel of your unit, making it homier and cozier. So try them out now and see the difference.

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