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Decorating Bakewell Tarts Plus Yoda And Casper

bakewell tart

Decorating Bakewell Tarts Plus Yoda And Casper

My daughter loves Bakewell Tarts. Bakewell tarts are a tasty treat and sometimes we buy a box of ready made tarts from the supermarket. Today we bought some tarts and decorated them just for fun.

bakewell tart

We do have to hide our Bakewell tarts out of reach because Casper our dog seems to love the almond smell. He once stole a whole box and scoffed the lot before I’d even noticed. He is always on the look out for food!

bakewell tart

So now when we do buy any kind of treat we are very careful to make sure Mr piggy wiggy does not get them. Well actually Yoda is mr piggy wiggy one, which makes Casper mr piggy wiggy two. We have to keep everything out of their reach to protect our food but also the dogs. We don’t want them eating something dangerous or something which is super unhealthy for them.

bakewell tart

So today we got our decorating food pens out and had a go at decorating the tarts. We had fun. Of course we are not perfectionists and it did not turn out perfect or look as fantastic as some of the decorated items on Food Gawker but for us the most important part is having fun. We enjoyed ourselves and Sylvia enjoyed eating her nicely decorated Bakewell tart.

bakewell tart

Do you ever decorate or add to food you buy from the supermarket? You don’t have to bake from scratch to have fun with food and this is a quick and easy way to have fun in the kitchen.

Angela x



  1. omg those food pen is a must! haven’t seen them here in my country but will try to look online, my daughter loves baking and this would be a good additional tools for her to enjoy

  2. This is such a cute idea! It’s definitely easier to buy some things premade and spruce them up, than it is to do everything from scratch. This would be something I think my son would enjoy doing. From picking out the treat to then decorating it at home. Maybe a nice Easter surprise?

  3. That looks a lot of fun! This tart is a nice treat for the kids, I’m sure they’re going to have so much fun decorating it.

  4. This looks like a lot of fun! I bet my kids would like to do this over the weekend. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. It looks really fun and unique! I’e never tried to make a decorating bakewell tart I’m gonna try it

  6. These are cute. I had a dog eat a whole cake one time that I had on my table. Surprised me tons when it happened. I ensured afterwards that it never happened again. I kept my treats in the ‘fridge, lol

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