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Décor Tips for the Large Blank Walls in Your Home – collaboration

Initially, having large bank walls in your room feels like a god-send because you assume there is so much space to do with as you please. Even so, getting the decoration of the wall right is often a huge challenge. You might run out of creative ideas for the wall to match your space or do not have enough cash to implement your ideas.

With the right guidance, wall decorations need not cost an arm and a leg for them to match with your taste. They will also prove quite enjoyable and straightforward for you to implement. The following are some options for transforming a blank wall into a décor masterpiece.

One Large Artwork

Choosing to decorate your blank wall with only one piece of art allows your artwork to stand out because of the negative space around it. You can opt for tapestry, a painting, or a large photograph in this case. Hanging your artwork correctly is essential for it to have the right impact.

You, for example, should aim to anchor your artwork on your wall’s central point. This might mean using the space above your central furniture piece, or between two accent pieces. Either way, when using one large artwork for your wall’s décor, hang it at eye level so that it effortlessly draws people’s attention.

Hand-Painted Designs

Those looking for a delicate wall décor solution can settle for a hand-painted design. With this option, you can choose from an extensive design range to match your décor theme. Birds, animals, flowers, and trees, for example, complement an eco-friendly design theme.

You need not be skilled in painting for you to make the designs. There are now several décor shops that have stencils you can use to create these designs. You can also opt for cutouts to trace your desired design onto the walls.

children's wallpaper


Most people associate posters on walls with college dorm rooms. Even so, using quality posters for wall decor is still something you can choose in residential and commercial spaces without looking cheap. Moreover, there are several designs for posters that can match your lifestyle and space.

You will first settle on the theme you want for your room then pick posters that match it. Rather than simply stick the posters onto your walls, surround them with beautiful frames. You can also choose one color scheme or subject for the posters along one wall to create a cohesive design. This way, you create wall art that looks exceptional without spending too much.


Using wallpapers for wall décor is among the most popular options for homeowners. This is because it is inexpensive, and the wallpaper comes in several textures, designs, and colors to suit your interiors. Moreover, there is a variety that only requires you to peel and stick to the wall meaning you do not need to hire an expert for installation.

Your best choice when aiming for a design statement is picking wallpaper colors, textures, and patterns that unify the rest of your décor. You can also choose to frame strips of wallpaper. This transforms them into interesting artworks and creates a personalized look.

Gallery Wall

You cannot have too much of something good, more so when it comes to artwork that is hung in groups. Instead of choosing one large artwork for your wall, you can make a gallery wall with groups of similar artwork. This generally means hanging paintings, photos, and other artwork with unifying elements like the same colors, textures, or frame designs.

Even so, there is an art that goes into choosing and hanging the pieces for your gallery wall. This serves to avoid coming across as cheap. You, for instance, should use the right configuration to match the frames of your artwork. The grid hanging style, for example, works best for frames of equal sizes.

Large blank walls can dampen the mood and look of your room irrespective of how well the other elements in it look. Thankfully, with the above alternatives, this should be nothing to worry you. You can hence start looking at the blank walls in your home as design features waiting to be decorated.