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Decluttering The Kitchen And Pantry

Over the past month I have been working hard with John to declutter the home one room at a time.

This week we decluttered the Utility room, kitchen and pantry and I am feeling so happy to finally have these areas organised.

I have to say I have been feeling rather anxious the past few months and stressed and there is something therapeutic about being able to get rid of the junk and clutter and have a place for everything. It really has helped and I am so pleased with the improvements.

This week I had some help from Marie Bateson a personal declutterer and organiser.

Marie helped me to better organise the Utility, Pantry and Kitchen areas and I am so pleased with the end result.

We sent a whole car full of junk to the tip, filled 5 black rubbish bags and sent two bags to the charity store.

I can now focus on keeping the areas clean and uncluttered and feel ready to focus on meal planning and planning out the future kitchen appliances I want to get for the kitchen. It’s quite exciting.

So I took some before and after photos and would love to share. Things had all be shoved in different areas and the spaces were overcrowded and unorganised.

It started to be an area I didn’t want to visit. I am more confident now that I’ll be using the spaces better and next we will be deep cleaning the rooms and I’m going to attempt to walk on the Treadmill again and build up my leg muscles a little at a time.

The Kitchen has been decluttered but I still have some work to do including upgrading the kettle and toaster and making a monthly meal plan to stick on the fridge.

I can now see more clearly what we have in the home to know what needs buying in and am going to make a list of little upgrades and improvements such as getting new mugs and glasses.

I think we may visit IKEA at some point.

We had a lot of Garden Items in the home and these have now been transferred into our new plastic garden storage box.

It’s just the right size for our BBQ and gardening items and goes perfectly under the window outside. John has bought a padlock and I’m really pleased.

We bought the gardening storage from BnQ and it was £10 off which was a good saving. It was needed and I see it as an investment for our home.

I am slowly working on improving the Garden and other rooms in the home and will share our improvements as they happen. I can’t wait! 

Angela x

*The services and items bought were paid for using our own money- This is not a paid review*