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Declutter Your Bedroom 5 Tried And True Methods To Declutter

declutter the bedroom

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It is the wonderful time of year to declutter your bedroom. I have 5 tried and true methods that will help you spring clean and declutter in a breeze.

Why spring cleaning and  decluttering is important

The bedroom is my most favourite room in my house. I spend so much time here being a Mother with chronic illness. My bedroom is my sanctuary. It’s is where I feel most at peace, where I can relax in a kid free zone and where I meditate and sleep.

declutter the bedroom

I always laugh when I hear people say spring cleaning is the most important time of the year to declutter their home. Truth be told, I am always tidying and looking for easy methods, tips and tricks to make my year round decluttering easier.

Cleaning tips

First, for cleaning, I like to take a look at the entire room. This allows me to quickly take mental notes and decide where to start. I typically decide to start at the dirtiest part of the room. Doing this allows me to easily clean and declutter in one swift motion.

Second, I clean the tops of everything. Instead of moving the items from one surface to another, I will put them away. Below you will see how I utilize all of my storage spaces.

Third, once the top of everything is clean and organised, I use my cleaners as needed. Again starting at one side of the room and moving across. This way no space gets missed or forgotten.

Fourth, after cleaning the surfaces, I move to the floors. I let my husband vacuum the floors and we clean the carpet if necessary.

Fifth, I am a big fan of donating clothes and such. I know they say every 6 months clean out your closets and drawers and get rid of clothes you have not worn in the past 6 months. So, I regularly go through my clothes every few months. At this time, I donate what is too big or too small and give items we no longer need to friends and family. 

5 useful spaces to help you declutter

Like I said before, I love to declutter my room. While my bedroom is my sanctuary, it is also the catch-all for everything I don’t want to be seen in the rest of the house. I am always looking for great ideas for storing the extra things we own without making the room look cluttered. 


I love to use my bed as a tool to help me declutter. For many years I’ve stored bedding under the bed. However, I always have to get down on the floor to pull everything out to find what I need. This is counterproductive when trying to declutter. That’s why I think the Divan Bases by Bed Guru are such a great idea. The Divan bases have pull out drawers which are easy for storing shoes and bedding, without having to go diving under the bed. This frees up space from the closet and you can also store seasonal clothing under my bed.


Bermuda Triangle is a great comparison to my wardrobe.  This might just be the hardest spot to keep decluttered. As we all know, this is a great hiding spot. Yes, I have my treats hidden in there. I will hide all sorts in my wardrobe including presents and gifts for others. My decluttering tips for a wardrobe are pretty easy. Keep clothes hung up, and boxes or totes stacked nicely. While that sounds easy, it can be a daunting task if you don’t keep on top of it regular.


While I do hang most of my clothes, some clothes are in my dresser. Mostly shorts and jeans. This is awesome because it leaves me many free drawers. I have a bill drawer and I have my medicine drawer. Sometimes, I will even have an empty drawer. If you have empty drawers, you can use them for an organiSational space. Just make sure each drawer or section is specified to one thing. Otherwise, you will end up with a bunch of cluttered junk drawers.


My armoire is a catch-all store all. I do not use it for clothes at all nor do I keep many shelves in it. I use it mainly to hold my TV, cable box, DVD player and any other electronics that could be unsightly. What is great about my armoire is it has beautiful doors. While this is not a declutter tip or trick, but if someone stops by unannounced, I can easily close the doors and hide everything. It gives the appearance of a decluttered space.


Seeing the nightstand is such a small space, it is easy to appear cluttered. It is a host to many water bottles, typically my heating pad, and my medications. The best way to declutter and keep this space clean is super simple. Wake up and throw the garbage away. Although this does sound easy, and I am getting better, it is still easy to skip a day or two.

This post is in collaboration between myself and Bed Guru. To Enter the Bed Guru competition to win your own Divan Bed – visit the Bed Guru on Facebook or Twitter.

declutter the bedroom



  1. Brilliant tips. I love the idea of hiding all the technology behind the beautiful doors of an armoire. Storage beds are a great idea too – then all the wardrobe and drawer space can be for your lovely clothes and shoe collection!!

  2. I was dreading starting to do this this year. Some great ideas here that I will most definitely be using when I get stuck in, thanks

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