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Suffering from toothache can be a real pain both figuratively and literally. I’ve been suffering with problems with my teeth for a number of years. I have adrenal insufficiency¬†and my body cannot produce cortisol, the natural steroid needed for the body to deal with all forms of stress.

Due to my health condition I take steroids everyday simply to stay alive. Without steroid medication I would die, yet the steroids I take effect my immune system. Steroids make me more prone to infections and have weakened my teeth in a very short period of time.

In fact over the past two years I’ve had ongoing issues and ended up having three teeth removed. I had six months without problems and then my toothache began again.

Toothache Before Lockdown

A week before lockdown, I was suffering from pain in one of my back teeth. I visited the Dentist during an emergency appointment who agreed to remove the filling and fix a fractured tooth at the same time. (In two weeks).

Before my appointment the worldwide pandemic happened. We were placed in Lockdown and dentists closed down no longer offering normal services. I was however told that should I be in severe pain, I could be triaged over the phone and speak to a Dentist. I just could not get treatment.

Toothache During Quarantine

Whilst in Lockdown I’ve tried to manage my tooth pain. I’ve taken pain killers, used clove oil and rubbed toothpaste on my tooth. I’ve felt desperate at times but the pain from my mouth and face is so strong even the pain relief is not working.

I rang my Dentist. I was triaged and told to try and cope. In regards to my broken tooth on the other side I was told to purchase dental filler from Boots or a pharmacy and make a temporary filling for that tooth. However my husband has been out every day to many different pharmacies and they simply have no supplies.

Dental Triage During Lockdown

I managed to last two weeks but yesterday I could not take the pain any longer. It is disturbing my sleep and not allowing me to do any everyday tasks that I do. I’m simply desperate and really need dental treatment.

I rang the Dentist again yesterday. I was triaged again and again told, I cannot have any treatment. I can’t have an investigation. I cannot have my filling redone or have any dental work.

I was told I could put my name down on a list to have my tooth pulled but that is not a good idea when the tooth can be saved and fixed. Despite all this, the dentist decided to prescribe antibiotics just incase I have a tooth infection.

Tooth Pain During Lockdown

So I’m currently suffering big time. My tooth is very painful. My mouth, face and head hurts. My pain medication does not work. The clove oil gives me a few minutes of relief and I’m taking antibiotics…just incase.

I can’t get treatment although this to me is a serious medical emergency. I will wait a few more days but the more I think it may be better to just have my tooth removed. I don’t want to lose this last molar but at the same time I don’t think I can go on being in pain and I’m not sure how many more weeks or months we will be in lock down.

Maybe I should should have my tooth removed. This is a real shame as this wouldn’t have to happen if we didn’t have a pandemic but maybe for the sake of getting through the next through weeks I should just go on a list for tooth removal. The only issue is, I have adrenal insufficiency and a referral to the hospital to have a tooth pulled out often takes months. I’m doomed if I do and I’m doomed if I don’t.

I just wanted to share my experience as it may help someone else going through something similar.