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Dare to Dream One Million Pounds

If you had a million pounds what would you do?  This is the question my uncle has asked me more times than I can remember. My uncle has a learning disability callers Aspergers Syndrome. Aspergers is a form of Autism and one of the traits of people with Aspergers may have is to not understand very well what is “normal social behaviour”.

So instead of asking the question once or twice, my uncle has asked me this probably a few hundred times and by the time I was a teenager I had kind of lost my patience and said I’m never going to have a million pounds so stop asking.

Well, today I decided to answer my uncle and tell him what I would really do If I had a million pounds and why not! Maybe my uncle will stop asking me and maybe someone who is super super rich might read this and decide to donate a million pounds. You just never know!

So here is my Dare to Dream One Million Pounds List.

The first thing I would do with a million pounds is book private counselling sessions for me to help me talk through some of the difficult things that I’m going on at the minute.

Secondly I’d go see a special Endocrinologist in Yorkshire and buy the Adrenal pump and supplies to start Hydrocortisone infusion therapy. I’d also pay out for some specialist tests, Cortisol Day curves, Mitochondrial function tests and Growth Hormone Tests and anything else I may need.

Third I would buy a modest three or four bedroom home in our village, one that was a new build which is wheelchair friendly with adaptations, a nice kitchen and a bath! (We don’t have a bath and my daughter hates the shower). We so need a bath! I would also get some lovely carpets in the house and make myself a blogging office/area. I want the extra rooms so we can have the option of having family or friends stay over and a quiet place to go when I’m feeling extra unwell.

I would also buy a few really nice items and decorate my daughters room perfectly for her.

I would buy an Electric Wheelchair so I can go with my daughter to school some mornings.

I would buy tickets for my family in New Zealand to come and spend time with us.

I would pay for a cleaner to come help out once a week as I’m not able to physically do all the house work on my own.

I would book a Family Trip to Disney Land.

I would spend a day in a spa and have a full body massage.

I would buy some new shoes, clothes that fit and get my hair done. (I usually only do this once or twice a year)

I would set up my blogging business at a greater scale and pay for a virtual assistant and PR worker to help me so I could get more content out and spend more time engaging with my readership.

I would pay to have my book published. (I have written a book but it is not yet out). it is a book to help others recognise the signs of abuse and I hope this can really help others in difficult situations.

I would donate money to a Charity I believe in and do what I could to help out.

I would help my sister to pay off her mortgage so she could spend more time at home with her six children.

I would allow my hubby to get the Camera gear he has always dreamed of so he can do better photography and earn a living doing what he loves.

I would put money away for the future for my child’s Wedding her education and any needs she may have as she grows.


This is my Dream List. What would you do with a Million pounds?