Daddy Daughter Shopping At Selfridges

A week or two ago, Sylvia and John went on a Daddy Daughter date to the Trafford Centre in Manchester to look at the toys and children’s clothes. Going to a shopping centre is not something my daughter has done very often and with my health being as it is, I’ve not taken Sylvia out as much as I would have liked.


However I was attending a blogging related meeting and this gave my daughter and John the perfect opportunity to go on a shopping adventure. John and Sylvia visited a few stores but they spent a lot of time in Selfridges looking at all the latest toys to hit the shelves.


Sylvia spotted some fantastic items including a “secret diary” which has a password, star wars toys and lots of Shopkins Season six items. Although John did not buy any toys Sylvia was able to see the things she liked and report to me, so I can keep and eye out for these as potential Christmas Gifts.


John and Sylvia had dinner in Selfridges. There was a Sushi store and it was the perfect place for them to have a healthy treat. Sylvia also did a little posing and modelling and she ran up to the models and struck a pose just as I arrived with my Iphone.


Sylvia enjoyed shopping in Selfridges and enjoyed spending time with her dad. She chose her own outfit to go out in. What do you think? I love the hat and am pleased to see her wearing it again and again.

Angela x


  1. Well as you know I adore hats and I think that Sylvia looks amazing as always. She has a great sense of style and its nice that she got to spend some time with her dad. Hope your meeting went well.

  2. She’s becoming a very stylish young lady. A fashion blogger in the making perhaps. I love the old Trafford centre. I’m taking my mum and sisters there when they come over for Xmas from Australia. I always find selfridges fascinating. X

  3. ah i love hats.. and such a fun way to spend the day.. dad and daughter bonding time is important too , loveing the new feel to your blog too Angela

  4. My dad even though he hates shopping he used to always take me to town and shop with me when I was little. These moments are so precious. Sylvia looks so cute with her hat like a little lady. xx

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