Current and Contemporary Living Room Decor Inspiration

Current and Contemporary Living Room Decor Inspiration

For 2018, contemporary living rooms are set to be very much in vogue. So, if you are planning a makeover, this could be the style choice for you. Retailers across the board will be selling what you need to create this look. As a result, you will not necessarily have to spend a fortune to recreate it in your home. Here are a few ideas to get you started and help you to decide if this is the look for you.

Light flooring

Laminate or wood flooring is set to remain popular with the main trend being ultra light floors. For families, the whitewash look is a particularly good choice. It taps into the trend without being so light that every tiny bit of dirt shows up.

If you want to, you can break up your laminate, wood or tile floors with a couple of rugs. You do not necessarily have to keep them down all year. In the summer, the cool floors help to stop the level of radiant heat from building up. Having a piece of warm floor to play on in the winter is a good idea for the kids.

Fresh clean skirting

Firms like skirtings r us are now selling to the public as well as the trade. As a result, more DIYers are opting to finish off their new flooring by replacing their skirting. Bullnose is still the shape of choice. Its simple lines work well in a contemporary room and it is easy to keep clean, which is also an important consideration.

White gives way

Slowly but surely we are moving away from the Scandy look. White is no longer the predominant choice. Instead, people are using light grey, blonde, stone, and taupe, which is still contemporary but creates a slightly warmer vibe in a room. Not as stark and cold as the full-on Scandinavian look.

Bold statement sofas

This is being broken up using one or two bold, quite colourful pieces of furniture. At many of this year´s furniture exhibitions, a lot of room designers used a large blue sofa or chair to provide a special focal point.

Leather looks to have had its day, with one exception. Quite a lot of designers are still using chocolate brown leather, either for a sofa or footrests. They do look nice and this colour is a practical choice for family homes. Plus, there are plenty of faux-leather sofas, poufees, and chairs available, so you can use this styling feature without breaking the bank.

Hidden shelving

Walls of shelving are very practical but not the way to go if you like clean lines. Fortunately, there is a middle way. It is possible to shelve out an entire wall, but use handle-less doors to cover all or some of them in. The effect is an interesting one that looks very crisp and clean. Again, it is very practical for families. The shelves nearest the floor can easily be used as somewhere to stow the kid’s toys and the family´s electronics.

Where to find more contemporary living room inspiration

Hopefully, the above gives you a few ideas. If you want to find hundreds more, this page is a great starting point. There are over 400 photos for you to look at and a great search facility that enables you to search by feature, style, and colour.

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