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Current and Contemporary Kitchen Décor Tips

Your kitchen is an area of the home that gives you a little more leeway when it comes to the décor and design. Whilst most of the rooms in your home will follow a certain pattern when it comes to the interior styles, your kitchen gives you the chance to be bolder and combine style with functionality. Modern kitchen décor is a very popular style at the moment, with lots of streamlined, sleek designs that are ideal for adding character and variety to your interiors. It can often seem a little daunting, however, when it comes to choosing the right décor style for your home, so here is a few tips on how to achieve that current, contemporary décor style in your kitchen.

*This is a Collaborative Post

Introduce Colours

Colour is a very powerful thing when it comes to interior design. Different colours create different emotions and therefore have a very large effect on the overall look and feel of any room. When it comes to contemporary décor, colour is very popular. Introducing the right colours to your kitchen can really make your décor pop and burst with life, which will make you feel fresh and positive every time you enter the room. To create a bold, vibrant feel, look at introducing colours that help to brighten the room, playing with different tones and seeing which work best together. You can introduce colour in a number of different ways too, from the kitchen tiles, kitchen units, appliances and even the plants you choose to decorate with.


Embracing Nature

Not only is embracing nature a very popular trend in the community, with many more people choosing to eat green and live a healthier lifestyle, but it’s also a popular choice for interior design too. One very popular feature for contemporary kitchen décor is wood. Wood is perfect for kitchens due to its durability and stunning appearance. The moment you introduce a bold wooden feature to a room, you instantly transform that area and are left with a space that oozes character and style. From bold wooden kitchen units, to the deep oak dining table and stylish wooden shelves, these beautiful touches will give your kitchen that current edge you’ve been aiming to achieve.


Monochrome Magic

There are many rooms in the home that have embraced the monochrome décor style, such as the bathroom and hallway. Now the kitchen is jumping on the bandwagon with some stunning monochrome décor features. There’s something very attractive about a black and white kitchen, enhancing the contemporary style with modern features and appliances. When working with monochrome pieces, it’s always beneficial to introduce some fun through patterns. This helps to break up the décor and add a little more character to the overall look. For example, white cabinets with black worktops would stand out perfectly with a black and white patterned floor.


Practical and Functional

Having practical spaces in your kitchen that enable you to make the most of every bit of space is very trendy. You’ll find that there are all kinds of utensils available that stack together or sit inside each other to keep worktop space free. The same works for your cupboards and drawers. Make the most of every inch of space you have by investing in some tailor fitted drawers and cupboards that have space for everything you need. Having customised drawers and key storage space will not only make your kitchen look sleek and tidy, but it will also make your life much easier when it comes to using your kitchen.