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A Blanket From The Cuddle Company

As you may be picking up by now, I have a great love for handmade products and when The Cuddle Company offered to send us a beautiful handmade blanket for Sylvia, I could not say no!

The Cuddle Company Cuddle Blanket

I was super excited when the parcel arrived as was Sylvia. The cuddle blanket was wrapped up and looked like a plain purple snuggle blanket which was soft and cute.

cuddle company

However we then opened the cuddle blanket up to discover the soft purple material was only the back of the blanket.

The front being amazing and gorgeous. Sylvia was squealing with excitement and we thought the owls, birds and the other patterns were so cute.

cuddle company

Sylvia instantly wrapped herself up in her new blanket. It was extra cuddly and soft and felt really lovely.

cuddle company

My daughter has been having a few bad dreams lately and her new blanket is just the right size for snuggling in on the sofa or for using in bed. I told her the blanket was just for her and she has to look after it really well.

cuddle company

Snuggling Up With The Cuddle Company Blanket

Every night since we got this blanket Sylvia has dragged it around with her in different rooms and used it in her bed.

The Cuddle Company blanket has become an attachment at bedtime and I’m not surprised because it’s the softest materials I’ve ever felt.

cuddle company

I hope the blanket stays nice and soft for a long time. It’s a real treat for my daughter and something I really do think is good value for money.