8 Creative Ways to Have Fun at Home With Kids

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Keeping your kids entertained when you are inside your home is not the easiest task. No matter how creative you are, you will run out of ideas at some point. But you can’t just leave your kid to find what to do on their own. We all know that this doesn’t work and definitely doesn’t end well. We have your back. Keep reading to find out some creative ways to have fun with your kids indoors.

Creative Ways to Have Fun

Play Pictionary

This is a very simple but amusing game that we all love because it is fun for kids and adults. You need to split into two teams that will compete against each other. You don’t need a lot of materials for this game — some paper, pens, and something to use as a timer.

There are different variations of the Pictionary game that you can buy, but also you can come up with your own version. Where each team writes random words, the other team should draw the image, and the others from their team should guess what it is.

Of course, they need to guess before the time is up. The team with the most points wins at the end. 

Play Scrabble

Another very popular game, but it might have slipped your mind. Some versions are very kid friendly, or you can use a regular Scrabble but just make sure that you don’t get a bit too competitive and put words that your kids won’t know.

If, in the beginning, your little ones find the game a bit too complicated, you can give them a bit of advantage by allowing them to use a word finder tool.

Like this, they will also be able to learn new words. The good thing about Scrabble is that each game is very different, and kids won’t get bored fast.

Play Broken Telephone

If you would like to have a laugh, this is the game for you. As the name suggests, you will try to play something similar to talking over the phone.

You should whisper something like a short sentence or even a single word to the player next to you. However, try to whisper it very quietly so no one else hears it.

This person should then whisper it to the next player. And once the phrase reaches the last person, they need to say it aloud. Most of the time, it can be something completely different than what the first person said and is so ridiculous and doesn’t make sense at all.

Play Family “Guess Who?”

Family “Guess Who?” is a perfect game if you would like to help your kid learn more about your family members.

You can prepare all the game elements by yourself, or you can get a classic “Guess Who?” game and then just put some family photos on the cards.

You can then try to link some family members with fun stories, so the game is entertaining, but also make sure that your kid will learn more about the family history and more extended family that they don’t know that well.

Play Twister

If you are more people, this can also be a very fun game where you will get twisted around each other. It is not a typical game that you will just sit down and play. Your kids will have to move around and train their flexibility and agility.

Some versions are again meant to be used specifically for kids where the colored circles are better positioned for children, but you can always use the adult version as well.

Play Scavenger Hunt

You can be very creative and come up with a homemade scavenger hunt for your kids. You should let your kids know that there is a price at the end, and they need to solve riddles and puzzles to get to it. There are many ideas on how you can come up with such a scavenger hunt. Your kids will then have to use their creativity and think about how to solve your riddles.

If you have more than one kid it is also a perfect way to make them work together and show them how important it is to be a team player.

Play Hot Potato

Your kid for sure knows that game because it is very popular even in kindergarten and then through all years of school as well. You can use a soft ball or any other soft round item you have at home.

Then you toss it between each other as fast as possible since it is supposed to be a hot potato that you can’t hold in your arms for long.

There are no winners or losers in this game, and some kids love it so much that they can just play it for hours.

Play Charades

Charades is a game that will also bring you a lot of laughs and fun situations. You can split into two or more teams, and each should have at least two players.

Then let’s say a person from team A turns, and a person from team B will go to them and whisper to them either one single word, a common phrase, song title, movie title, book title, or anything that you agree that might be a topic.

Then the person from team A should explain this to their team without using any words. You can just act, and your team should guess. Of course, there is a time limit, and if your team manages to guess it correctly, you will get the point.

You should agree on a number of rounds to be played, and the team with the most points at the end wins. 

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