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Creating A Peaceful Home My Interior Plans

In December my family moved into a new home. When we first viewed our house, I have to admit it was pretty disgusting, old and grotty. The walls were pretty gross nd the house smelt of cigarettes. There was mould in some of the rooms and I wouldn’t be surprised if others looked at the house and immediately walked away.

peaceful home

However, for my family, we needed a home in a certain location. We wanted to stay close to my daughter’s school and her friends. We wanted to remain near our support network and find a home with enough space for our needs which we could potentially one day buy.

We found the perfect home despite the grotty interiors and within 4 weeks we had removed the dirt and grime, treated the mould and had the house repainted from top to bottom. Our new home now looks lovely. It’s amazing what some care and time can do and we are now working on the floors.

We have painted all the walls magnolia. The doors are white and by the end of January all the carpets will abe laid. We do have some lovely plans for the coming year and I thought I’d share what I intend to do to make the home even more beautiful. I believe a peaceful environment makes a peaceful home.

So here are the plans

One: To to finish laying the carpets in Sylvia’s room, the hall, stairs and landing.

Two: To have laminate put down in the spare room

Three: To improve the shower head from an old shower to a modern mixer shower.

Four: To decorate and wallpaper my daughter’s bedroom

Five: To create a giant family tree on the lounge feature wall

Six:  To replace the crusty Kitchen floor

Seven: To create a blogging space in the home

Eight: To declutter my daughter’s toys and books and make her room more homely

Nine: To place Blinds in my daughter’s room

Ten: To get blinds for the Kitchen and have the curtains sewn to the correct lengths in my bedroom.

So these are the things I hope to do this year to help make a more peaceful home and environment to live in. The house is nice and dry and warm. We feel at peace in the lounge which has just been carpeted. It looks lovely and I’m super proud of my husband for the hard work and effort the put in.

I’m excited about our plans and hope in 3-4 years we may be in a position to buy the home. Until then we will make it lovely and a place where we are comfortable and happy.

Angela x

Peaceful home