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Creating a Healthy and Relaxing Home

healthy home

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One thing I have always felt passionate about since being a child is “home interiors”. From as early as I can remember I’ve loved to style my room, move furniture around, tidy and create storage spaces. It’s true.

I even bought my own duvet with matching curtains and a lamp at the age of ten. The set was tartan and I loved it. I guess I’ve always wanted to have a peaceful and stylish bedroom space.

Sleep is really important to me and this week I’ve been reading all about the theory of Sleep by Oliver Heath, an interior designer who specialises in creating healthier and happy homes.

This year Oliver Heath has teamed up with Homebase to create a campaign on Life Improvement through creating happier and healthier spaces.

I’ve enjoyed reading some brilliant tips and ideas by Oliver on the Homebase website and feel inspired to create a better environment and peaceful living space in my own home.

There’s quite a few rooms I’d like to work on. I’d love to create a better lounge environment by purchasing a corner sofa big enough for the family.

I’d also love to create a family dining area by investing in a dinner table. For a while now we have been using an old £10 desk which I’d love to get rid of and send to the dump.

The sofa and dining table are two things which would transform our living areas downstairs.Table HomebaseWhether you work all day, are a stay at home parent or have a chronic illness like me, the one thing we all want is a relaxing sanctuary to allow us to get a good nights rest. 

In order to create the perfect bedroom atmosphere there are a few things John and I really need to do starting with a major decluttering session.

Over the months our bedroom has become a dumping ground and I really don’t feel much peace when trying to relax in my own private space.

We have a cluttered bookcase which I’d prefer to move to another area and some broken shelving. The room is not in a state that I’m happy with and is far from relaxing.

Oliver Heath suggests some great ways to create a wonderful bedroom area for example clearing the clutter and investing in built-in or freestanding storage and wardrobes.

I use to have a wardrobe however it fell apart when moving to our current home.

For the last 2 years, I’ve not had a space to hang our clothes and seeing John’s shirts hanging on the curtain rail is really distracting and sometimes quite depressing.

I’d love to get either an inbuilt wardrobe or a huge wardrobe which can house all our clothes and belongings.

I’ve put off buying anything due to our awkward stairs and the stress of building a wardrobe but I do love the idea of having a place for everything and being able to close the doors and sit in a peaceful quiet space. That would be amazing.


I think the combination of being unwell and not keeping on top of the bedroom area has meant our room is not as relaxing as we’d like.

We have managed to get some lovely thick curtains and two sets of matching white drawers.

We also recently got a new mattress and I’d love to purchase a new bed frame. I’ve seen some on HomeBase that look great and I think this would look amazing in my room. It might also have space for more storage under the bed.

Oliver Heath suggests having plants for a more natural, fresh and cleaner room, opening windows and doors, and using floorboards that can be easily cleaned.

We have put floorboards down but due to all the junk in the room you can barely see the floor.

I think decluttering our room, adding a huge wardrobe, a stylish and comfortable bed base and maybe a few plants would help us to transform our bedroom into the healthy living space that we’d like it to be.

It may take a bit of work to do but I now have a clear picture of what I need to do to create that dream bedroom space and downstairs living area and I now have some goals and plans to work towards.

Do you have any plans for your home? What would you improve?

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    1. I understand. I’ve been working on my daughters room too and have the dream wallpaper in mind. We seem to be working on a few little projects but I have a great vision for Sylvia’s room which will be done later on this year 🙂 It’s exciting isn’t it making the home beautiful!

  1. I know what you mean about not being able to relax when your bedroom is cluttered. I have piles of stuff everywhere with no real storage in my bedroom and I really don’t like relaxin in my bedroom like I used to.

    1. Thanks. I have some exciting plans and white is the colours I’d like in my room although i wouldnt mind a mirror built in wardrobe too that would be best but probably out of my budget right now. Angela Milnes

  2. For ages we didn’t have a dining room table and we finally got one because it is definitely an important part of bringing the family together! Our home isn’t very relaxing with 4 cats though :p

  3. How much is the book you are reading I would like to have a read. How fascinating that the space you are in determines your thoughts and emotions although it does make sense!

    1. Oh Ana, It’s not a book, the info is on the home base web site! If you hit the link, it’s really inspiring! Oliver heath knows what he is talkign about when it comes to space and healthy living! It’s really great!

  4. I so get the bedroom relaxation and the impossibility with clutter, we are in the process of moving Monkey out of the nursery into the spare room and moving our room from one side to the other which means effectively we are decorating two rooms. So its just one big dumping ground at the moment moving between two rooms!! Although the furniture will be tweaked I am looking forward to having a new version of our room. Its Monkey’s room which I am truly excited about as I have found a bed with a slide which he is going to love! I hope you manage to get your new bed and declutter when you are up to it xx

    1. Thanks Clare. To be honest I think just moving the room around and adding a new throw or piece of furniture can make a huge difference to the feel of the room. I look forward to hearing/seeing monkeys bed! Slides are cool!

  5. I do not have any major plans for my apartment this year but I do want a massage chair in my home as my sofa bed is so uncomfortable to sit on worse to sleep on. I think for my bedroom just need bedding.

  6. Sounds like you know what you need to do, I guess it’s just time and money. Fingers crossed it happen sooner rather than later so you can feel relaxed even when you are so unwell. I’m buying a new corner sofa for our living room as ours is falling apart 🙂 xxx

  7. These are really good ideas. I am so bad at using the bedroom as a dumping ground but when rest is so precious we really should try to make it more of a sanctuary. We did spend a lot on our bed and mattress but was totally worth every penny!

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