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Creating The Dream Patio

patio and bbq area

Since moving into our new home with a pretty good size garden I’ve been thinking of different ways to improve the area and landscape. One thing I’d love in the long term future is a Patio. To be honest ¬†have never lived in a home with a Patio and the idea of one is quite enticing.


I took a good look on Pinterest and to be honest, I think the I’d like a circular patio. I’m not sure why but they do look pretty stylish especially the ones that have paths leading off them. I could have one path to the children’s area, one to the vegetable patch and one to a relaxing zone.

I suffer from Vitamin D deficiency and so having a lovely outdoor space which I can relax in during the summer months would be the dream. Not only do I love the outdoors in Summer, I also love the rain. I’m a huge fan of rain and when I lived in the Pacific Island of Tonga, I loved sitting under the veranda and watching the rain pour.

If you were to build a dream patio there are so many options. There’s a whole world of inspiration out there on the internet and you could create so many different styles. You could even add a roofed area with gorgeous lighting. I saw some fabulous outdoor lights in Ikea the other week which are so so dreamy. You could also add safety glass around your patio area. This could work well to create an outdoor bbq or daybed area which is protected with glass and a roof and could allow you to make the most of the outdoor living area no matter the weather.

patio and bbq area

Styling the garden is such an exciting thing to do. I think our first port of call this year will be to create a new vegetable patch. We want to be self sufficient and I’m keen to get some salad veg growing soon. That would be great. I’m quite excited to one day make the garden into the dream outdoor space. It will take some time and is a long term plan but a patio and relaxing area is something I look forward to having.

Angela x

*This is a collaborative post

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