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Creating Blog Content and Using Tailwind

I really do love blogging. I find writing really therapeutic and most often the most enjoyable blog posts I write are the ones I write on the spur of the moment. Having a blog, just like any form of media is a narrative. What do I mean by that?

behind the scenes

Well no matter what you choose to write about or the things you choose to share, the things you share about your life on a blog are simply that, narratives. The Inspiration Edit is my narrative. This is my story and I’m enjoying sharing the parts of my life on here that I’m comfortable making public.

Sometimes however, a blog no matter what the intention does not and will not be a complete reflection of one’s life. For example, I share at least one blog post everyday. Some people may assume I sit and right a new post each day but the reality is I’m chronically unwell. I have Adrenal Insufficiency and with that comes the need to rest and times when I simply can’t do anything.

So how do I manage to write a post each day? It’s called batch work.  When I feel well, I will set aside time to write as many blog posts as possible. I love to share the things that we do in the present, however if I’m too unwell to do activities with my child, I’ll share something from the past using photos taken many years ago or write about ideas or share a round up of something I love.

I do try and be active everyday on social media. I really enjoy social media and being stuck at home a lot interacting with friends and readers really helps me not to feel isolated and unsocial. I went into hospital just after Christmas and came out on the 10th January. I spent a lot of time thinking and planning and doing some “behind-the-scenes” work.

I wrote some blog posts and scheduled them for every Sunday. So my Sunday posts for the next two months are already written. I also made lists of the type of topics I want to write about over the coming months. I’ve never really been one to have a content plan but this year, that is one of my goals.

I have a content plan, I have a list of ideas I want to write about and when I feel well, I will work through the titles and prepare posts. When I don’t feel well and this happens a lot, I will rest knowing that I am ahead by a few weeks and if I take time out, all will be okay.

Not only have I been busy working on blog content ideas and writing posts, I have been planning a social media strategy for 2017. I have a plan and method to reach my follower goals. I have spent some time behind the scenes researching and learning how to be better at using Pinterest and Tailwind, a program I use to promote my blog posts and pintrest images.

Tailwind has been a game changer for me. I find it so easy to pre schedule pins at different intervals and it’s helping me to grow my following and repins when my pintrest following was previously stagnant. In fact, I was sent a referral code which offers a free $15 trial to use on Tailwind. If you were to use this free trial, I’d also get the same amount off my annual tailwind fee. So if your thinking of using tailwind any time in the future or wanting to test it out, I’d love you to use this offer.

So, besides using Tailwind, I have also cleaned up my Pinterest boards, improved titles, had SEO added to each board and optimised them to try and get the best exposure I can. Now my boards are in order I am looking at the next step which for me will be to pin regular onto tailwind, join in pinning tribes and work on a brand image to make my boards more uniform in representing the blog.

That will be the goal for February and March. I’m also slowly plodding away on Instagram and have been sharing one image a day. Again due to illness, I decided to cut back and alternate pictures of the here and now which those from the past and so far so good. I’ve been sharing pictures from Disneyland and will be sharing images from our Toads of Hull adventure which I recently wrote about.

So, this is one of those spur of the moment posts I decided to write. I write how things are, what I’m thinking and am sharing a little glimpse into what I’m doing behind the scenes to try and promote my blog.

Life is not always as it seems. Nothing comes easy and there is a lot of work to be done to be successful but at least with blogging I can fit it around sickness, hospital stays and instances of being bed or house bound, which many of my readers never actually see.

I’ve left the home only once in 2017, since returning from hospital but who would have guessed!

Angela x

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