The Secrets of Creating a Home Office Where Magic Actually Happens

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Creating A Home Office

Spending all day at work and then going back home to do yet more, isn’t exactly the average person’s idea of fun. Work and life should be separate entities. Rarely, though, is that the case. 

Home offices, though, tend to go underutilised. We tell ourselves that we’re going to use them, but that’s not how it works out in reality.

It turns out though that there are some “secrets” or “hacks” that you can use to transform your sorry home office into somewhere magic happens. Check out these ideas. 

Make It Smell Nice

Creating a space conducive to productive work is all about finding ways to prime your unconscious for work. Some people do this by putting colourful pictures on the wall – others by listening to music through noise-cancelling headphones. You can, however, create a similar effect by making it smell nice, using all-natural products. 

Here’s what to do: log onto your favourite eCommerce website and find a diffuser that can puff natural oils into the atmosphere. Then buy your essential oils and set the machine running. It’ll smell so good in your office that you’ll never want to leave!

Get Rid of the Clutter

Nobody wants to work in the presence of clutter. It’s stressful, and it gets in the way of helping you achieve your goals. Research suggests that when you have junk lying around everywhere, it actually takes up your mental resources, preventing you from focusing on your work with the desired intensity. 

Getting rid of clutter is usually a five-minute job. But if you have stacks of paper and walls full of files, you may require additional office storage. Don’t worry – there are plenty of solutions out there. 

Stock Your Stationery Cupboard

Experts recommend that people with home offices overstock them with equipment. Not only does it save money in the long-term, but it also prevents you from having to leave to collect supplies five minutes after you actually sit down and commit to work. 

Hide the Things You Don’t Want in Your Space

We all have something in home offices that makes us feel depressed or anxious. Maybe it’s the file of a particular client or an ugly printer. Whatever it is, cover it up and try to get it out of sight. You don’t want anything disturbing you while you try to work. 

Add A Plant 

Adding a plant can instantly elevate the mood in your office. The more greenery you have on show, the more relaxed you’ll feel. Great indoor plants for home offices include monkey leave and money trees. If you’ve got the space, try to go big. The more impressive the greenery, the more substantial the effect it will have on you. 

Make It Comfy

Work is tough enough as it is. The last thing you want, then, is to have to perch on an uncomfortable wooden seat while you fire off emails. Invest in a decent office chair that makes you feel all warm and cosy while you work. It’ll hopefully program you to spend more time working there. 

Additionally, it’s worth checking that your designated office space has everything it needs for a comfortable temperature. The drafty windows in the spare bedroom turned office may need updating, for instance. Another common mistake when it comes to temperature regulation is for converted lofts. If you set your home office in the under-roof area, you need to make sure your roof is in tip-top condition. A leaky roof could turn your home office into a place of nightmares. So, make sure to check for leaks or potential issues, reaching out to professional roofers such as Deschutes Roofing for a quick and reliable job. You can’t focus if you’re cold!

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