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How to Create the Perfect Playroom

In order to create the perfect playroom for your child, there are a number of important things to consider. Playrooms are ideal for keeping the rest of your home neat and tidy, as well as giving your child a space of their own, with all of their toys, books and games in one place.

Playrooms are also really beneficial for providing a safe, secure space for your child to enjoy, without any potential hazards or risks that other rooms in your home may have.

Here are a few key tips to consider when it comes to designing a playroom in your home, to help make sure you create the perfect space for your little ones!

perfect playroom

Choosing the Flooring

It doesn’t matter what you say or do to prevent it, there is always going to be some kind of spillage at some point in the playroom. Whether it’s paint, water, juice or even playdough, you can guarantee that it will happen multiple times throughout their playtime!

This is where the decision you make with your flooring is very important, as there are certain materials you can choose that will make life a little easier when it comes to cleaning those spillages.

One of the best flooring options for a playroom is laminate flooring. There’s no risk of stains and it is very easy to clean and maintain. Laminate flooring may be a harder surface in comparison to carpet, however you can always look at introducing some fluffy rugs to the room for your little ones to play on when they want to sit on the floor etc.  

Invest in Durable Furniture

For many children, furniture is so much more than just a place to rest your bottom or a surface to eat your food. They see furniture in a whole different light, which is great for their imaginations to grow, but can be a little bit frustrating when your brand-new cream sofa has sticky fingerprints all over it!

Investing in some good quality, durable furniture for the playroom will simply ensure your furniture stays strong and in good condition, no matter how much your little ones jump and climb all over it!

You often find that sofas come with removable and washable covers, which is perfect when you constantly find crushed grapes and muddy footprints on the cushions!

Keep it Bright

Lighting is a key feature in any room, but when it comes to your child’s playroom you want to create a space that is well lit and bright for them to play in. Focus on introducing some bright, white lighting to the room to keep a strong balance throughout the room.

You can then look at introducing some separate wall lighting or a lamp in one corner of the room to create a ‘downtime’ space. This area can be used for nap times, reading and watching TV.

Having the option to change the lighting will ensure your little ones get the most out of their playroom and can have as much fun as possible!

perfect playroom

A Playroom With Character

A playroom needs to be fun and interesting, but most importantly, full of character. The great thing about having your own playroom is the ability to give your child a space to learn, play and focus in their own special zone.

There are lots of creative ways in which you can add character to a playroom, from adding some bold wallpaper or even family photographs. Whilst it may not be suitable to have the photos positioned on the shelf or window ledge, one great way to display them is by grabbing your step ladder and hanging them in a scattered style layout on the wall.

You can really have some fun this décor feature, such as adding some bright photo frames and having different sizes dotted over the wall.

Neat and Tidy Storage In Your Playroom

Storage is one of the most important features to include in a playroom, and it’s important to introduce storage that is easy to use for your little ones too. From clear plastic drawers, to coloured baskets, you can encourage your child to keep their playroom neat and tidy.

You can also introduce some kind of rewards system for your child, giving them stickers for tidying away their toys or other small tasks that they can complete to keep their playroom in a neat and tidy state.