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Crafting Ideas for Cosy Traditional Bathrooms

sewing machine crafts

Crafting Ideas for Cosy Traditional Bathrooms

*This is a collaboration.

Contemporary bathrooms are often sparsely decorated with the onus on white, chrome and hygienic surfaces. This is great from a cleaning perspective, but if you live in a more traditional home, you might be thinking of something a bit cosier.

If you have a passion for quilting, sewing, weaving, or anything else crafty, you can unleash your talents in the bathroom and turn the space into a haven of warmth, tranquillity, and cosiness. The bathroom doesn’t need to feel clinical and cold. A new radiator from Warm Rooms will pump out the right amount of heat, but without some personal touches, your bathroom isn’t going to be a place you want to hang out in for too long. Here are some great ideas for transforming your bathroom using a few traditional crafting techniques.

sewing machine crafts*This is a Collaborative Post

Quilted Shower Curtains

Do you have a plastic shower curtain for the shower bath or shower cubicle? There are some fun and funky designs to choose from, but a plastic sheet is hardly very cosy. One way to brighten up your shower curtain is to add a quilt design.

Since fabric won’t stand water, you need to start off with a plastic shower curtain, preferably a clear one. Next, design a quilting pattern that matches the theme of your bathroom. Sew your quilt and make sure it is the same size as your shower curtain. Remove the shower curtain and attach the quilt to the curtain using a sewing machine. Re-hang the shower curtain and voila! From the outside, you have an attractive quilt, but on the inside, your shower curtain is there to repel water and protect the floor.

Roman Blind

Bathroom blinds are expensive if you buy a made-to- measure blind. However, it’s really easy to make a Roman blind for a bathroom if you have a sewing machine. You can buy Roman blind kits online. These give you the bare bones of the blind, including fixings, so all you need is the fabric.

Choose some fabric and add a lining for extra warmth. Follow the instructions, hang the Roman blind, and your bathroom will look fabulous. If you fix the fabric section to the top of the blind mechanism using Velcro, you can remove it for a wash any time it starts to look a bit grubby, and if you get sick of the fabric or fancy a bathroom refresh, buy some new fabric and make a new blind!

Rag Rug

Rag rugs are a doddle to make. Use old scraps of fabric and recycle used tee-shirts in different colours. You can buy up rug making tools on sites like eBay. A rag rug makes a lovely bath mat, especially if you use lots of different colours. It will brighten up your bathroom in no time at all. I used to make rag rugs as a child recently purchase some latch hooks and materials to teach my daughter the skill. We got our kit from Hobycraft in Preston.

rag rug

Woven Wall Hangings

Invest in a small loom and experiment with wool to make cute wall hangings for your bathroom. Woven artwork is very popular and if you enjoy making your art, you could start to sell a few pieces on Etsy or eBay. Use your skills and have fun creating unique, gorgeous craft pieces for your bathroom. If you do a good job, you have future Christmases and birthdays covered for the whole family!

These are non traditional but fun ways to decorate the bathroom and could look really beautiful. Why not give it a go.

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