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Easy building tips you will need this year! 

Are you building on a budget? Whether it’s unexpected site costs, weather delays or an over ambitious budget, construction cost blow outs are common. However, if you need to reduce your spend to make your new home more affordable, there are a few cost saving measures that you can incorporate, especially when it comes to styling your home. Read below for our tips!

Décor hacks

If you enjoy seasonally updating your décor, there are a number of crafty things you can do to make refreshing rooms less expensive. Generally, it makes sense to begin with a neutral canvas that you can dress and re-dress when your taste changes. So stick to neutral wall colours and minimalistic fixtures and build from there.

To update walls, consider removable wall paper or using large adhesive stickers – we like this tip especially if little sticky fingers are prone to decorating everything in sight. Periodically changing floor coverings might involve the use of rugs, but these days you can also get good quality weighted flooring that can be rolled out with no glue required.

Many discount stores offer goods you can DIY hack. Placemats can be joined to create cushions and coffee tables can be hand finished as bespoke feature pieces. You might also see jute storage baskets doubling as luxe lamp shades and adhesive contact paper creating feature walls or budget surface coverings.


Why buy new when there’s a world of pre-loved goods available? While many inner city second hand shops might have jacked up their prices to keep up with the current shabby chic vintage aesthetic, you can still score a bargain if you can spot value for money. This might mean a few weeks of research to know determine the true value of solid wooden wardrobe or table. Antiques Roadshow devotees may already have a keen eye to spot items of exceptional value.

Otherwise, perhaps a little rummage around the neighbourhood when it comes to hard rubbish day and score yourself a freebie. Many people upgrade their furniture and goods and leave out perfectly good items on the nature strip.

Technology Inspired Interior Design

If the fees of a traditional interior designer make your credit card shudder, there is lower cost design help available. Apps like Hutch, Envisioned by the Mine and Roomy help you shop by allowing you to virtually place products in your room to see how they look. But be warned – these are addictive and can become a huge Pinterest wish-list, so grab a wine or cup of tea and settle in.

If you want the help of a ‘real’ person, some designers now offer virtual consults, where you send them an image of the rooms you want styled and for a flat fee, they will offer tailored advice.

So do not despair if you’re a Melbourne home builder on a budget, there are many design hacks that you can incorporate to keep your costs down. Keep calm and save cash.

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