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Today I have some news, I am going to be having a Cortisol day curve for my Adrenal Insufficiency. This is really good news as the past year I’ve been unable to do much in terms of going places and living a semi normal life and I think it’s down to my medication dosage being significantly wrong.

I started a new medical treatment, Subcutaneous Hydrocortisone Infusion Therapy two years ago. Yes after a three year battle I finally got onto the pump which I fund myself and the very first year on the Adrenal pump was the best of my past 5 years.

However things went significantly worse about 12 months ago and I’ve been really unwell and housebound a lot of the time.

What Is A Cortisol Day Curve?

A Cortisol Day Curve test is a day test that measures the amount of cortisol in the blood during certain times in the day.

This can be used to ensure the patient has adequate cortisol in the body ensuring the body can cope with physical and emotional stress and staying out of Adrenal Crisis.

The more you weigh, the more Cortisol the body produces and whilst I was at my lightest when my medication was set up 2 years ago I have sadly gained over 22KG in weight for a number of medical reasons and this has effected how much medication I require.

Having a cortisol day curve for adrenal insufficiency

Having my Cortisol Day Curve In Preston

I will be having my Cortisol Day Curve test in Preston hospital.

I will arrive at the hospital early in the morning and have a cannula set up and then blood will be drawn every hour from around 8am until about 4pm to get a good idea of what times my medication is at the wrong dose.

I’m really excited to be having this procedure as it could result in dosage changes which make me more stable than I currently am and give me a better quality of life.

It’s all up in the air and I’m really not sure how things will go but having the results will help and make a difference in my life.

Gaining Weight With Adrenal Insufficiency

It’s always easy to gain weight when living on steroid medication.

When I was first placed on Adrenal Medication I gained 6 stone and when your meds are incorrect you end up having to increase your dose regular which means often over dosing and then taking too much and gaining even more weight.

Being bed bound 80% of the time and housebound an awful lot has meant very little exercise and that has meant even when trying to lose weight it was near impossible.

I managed to lose about 9 pounds earlier in February but then things went downhill for me and it all came back on and even more.

I’ve also got issues with my Human Growth Hormone medication and am having some tests to check the levels I need to be on for this.

When your low in HGH as I have been, one of the symptoms is to put on a lot of weight and hey presto, that has contributed to my situation.

Looking Forward To Improving After My Cortisol Day Curve

At the end of the day I am super pleased I am going to be having the tests I need done to get my medication back on track after a year.

It is hard when your unwell all the time to work out what’s causing it and I’ve had a lot of other conditions ruled out and managed to the point my main issues now are my Endocrine problems.

It will take some time to get my Cortisol Day Curve as I’m having it done as a public NHS Health patient.

I simply can’t afford to do it privately and so I will wait a good few months for the test and then a few months to see the Endocrinologist to discuss the results and change my medication dose.

The good news is that maybe by Christmas or in 3-4 months I may be feeling better than I have been all year. I sure hope so.

Positive News About My Iron Levels

I recently saw my Haematologist about my Iron levels which have been really bad for several years. I was so unwell that I was having to have an Iron Infusion every 6 months.

The good news is that my levels are now restored to a healthy range and although I’m still under the care of the consultant, I am not scheduled or planned for any further treatment.

Yeah! I am so pleased to have that one condition managed.

Vitamin Levels – Low Vitamin D

With Summer I have managed to get my Vitamin D to a healthy range for now and my folate, zinc and Vitamin B12 are all doing okay for now.

It’s a continual battle and with September looming and my health being the way it is, I am likely to get really unwell with low Vitamin D again in a few months.

It’s like when one problem is sorted another appears and as a result I’m sick all year round. Well I am going to try and do my best to keep my Vitamin D levels as good as I can and have them checked more regular by my GP.

When my Vitamin D gets low I have stabbing pains in my body, sore aching muscles, I can barely walk, my bones hurt and my eye sockets It’s an awful feeling and not one I want to welcome back.

Trying To Be Healthy

So I am trying to be healthy and manage my health the best I can. It’s not easy with so many conditions to manage and something is always not quite right but I hope to improve soon and have a better end of year in 2018 than in 2017 which was pretty miserable.

I really don’t want to be housebound as much as I am and I want to be able to do more as a Mother and just as me. So fingers crossed things will pick up soon.